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E-Books and Traditional Books

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Throughout history of people, writing is the most significant way of communication and knowledge sharing. Human written on the walls and stones in the beginning. After that papers took the place of walls and stones. At the present time, thanks to technological advancement, lettering can write on electronic devices that called as e-books. This situation causes argument between e-book and paper book.

It is argued that e-books will take the place of paper books in the future; in spite of benefits of e-books people should paper books, since it causes negative results such as physical sickness on human body, being less interactive and being easily copied. It is claimed that e-books can be read anywhere such as on the bus, in a cafe, subway, airplanes thanks to computer and smart phones; however this advantages result in physical sickness on human body.

Computers and smart phones can have hundred of e-books in their memories. For this reason their using areas increasing day to day. Nevertheless this situation is not suitable in terms of human health. Because of making heavy weather of electronic devices for instance looking at screen for a long time, some disorders observable such as eye strain and headaches. Furthermore, due to screen resolution lower than paper, reading on e-books is more difficult. It is clear that e-books devices are harmful for human body.

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Another frequently heard arguments in favour of e-books is based on thanks to e-books nature is protected, however electronic books without paper less interactive. It stated that forests are destroyed for paper. Therefore e-books are appearing like eco-friend. Nonetheless only old and broken trees are cut to produce paper. In addition, electronic books are lower interaction between reader and writer. As Stokes states e-books are make it difficult to easily mark them up via underlining, highlighting and marginal notes (n. d).

In briefly, paper books should be preferred in terms of interaction. Although it is argued that e- books are more available in global world and they are more economic, they are make it difficult to duplicate. It is often maintained that when you have a laptop and wireless internet connection, you can download all of books. Besides cost of e-books are lower than printed versions due to no printing expenses. However, e-books can be downloaded and shared via internet. Thanks to computer and smart phones, e-books are copied without difficult.

Besides e-books can be easily hacked,stolen,lost on the internet without approval from the author or publisher. It is indicated in Wikipedia, duplicating of paper books in an amateur printing press is more difficult. To sum up, traditional books should be prefer by readers because they are more interactive, more reliable for preventing to copy and they do not have physical sickness on human body. Even if electronic devices are improved rapidly, none of them can not give friendliness and paper smell of traditional books to readers. They might be our closed friend whatever our age.

E-Books and Traditional Books essay

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