Description of the Organization under Study and its Industry Analysis

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In order for us to fully to understand the industry structure it will be prudent to consider one organization in a particular country and in our case we will study and analyze British American Tobacco (BAT) Company which is in London, U. K, particularly on how it has responded to global events. BAT Company is the second largest listed producer of tobacco products in the world and it is categorized to be in the tobacco industry. BAT Company is said to be among the top market leaders in the tobacco industry. BAT Company is also reported to be employing over fifty five thousand employees and its annual revenue is estimated to be ?

9,762 million from each subsidiary. The company’s workforce is diverse and multicultural in nature. The objectives of the company include increase of its products that is its brands, building worth of its dealing, enhance efficiency in production, and to implant the main beliefs of corporate social responsibility in all the branches of the company. The vision of the company is to be the leader of the worldwide tobacco industry. The company has Board of Directors who has played the role of ensuring that the company is directed to a success.

Further the management of the company is considered to be effective and efficient in carrying out their expected duties. (Mark, 2001) The subsidiaries of the company in the different countries have the autonomy to make their decisions so long as it is in line with the company’s overall main objectives. This has enabled decision-making processes to involve all the shareholders of the company in the respective subsidiaries. The company’s management is aware of the risks caused by the tobacco products that they produce and it has formulated an effective operating responsibility that guides the consumers of the products.

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The company’s interest lies mainly in tobacco leaf planting and the company work hand in hand with farmers globally. The company does this by giving the farmers agronomy support that wraps all dimensions of crop production and environmental best practice as set by international standards. This aspect enabled the company to buy over four fifty thousand tones of tobacco leaves from two hundred thousand farmers around the globe. (Daniels, Radebaugh and Sullivan, 2007)

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