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A good example of this is when students say they hate school. Not only is school academic, but it is also social. School is where friends associate, and most students enjoy this. Most students have a favorite class, so they certainly don't hate that time. So what part of school do they actually "hate? " Then when asked if they would want to quit school they say "Of course! " But when one thinks about it, school is what builds up the rest of our lives to success.

One cannot possibly hate something that asses happiness in a well educated life. Other examples include saying "l hate her," which causes questions like why and who, and statements like "l hate my parents" cause judgment, in that bystanders will stereotype one as a rebel. If one said "l hate her because she betrayed me," it would be more accurate and powerful; however, society is to lazy to add detail, just as they are too lazy to say "dislike?' instead of "hate. " Hate is a powerful word used against a specific person or object. Hate, when used frivolously in common conversation, can be extremely hurtful.

Hate is carelessly used to describe people one dislikes. If the disliked person overhears, finds out, or takes the usage in an offensive manner, they can be extremely hurt by the statement This often causes unwanted drama and conflict. If one had avoiding using such harsh language in the first place, that person wouldn't have had to deal with this drama. Hate is used towards friends as a joke, but if the word was being used correctly, there would be no friends. "Hate" isolates friendships and starts fights that should've never been started.

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If used in this frivolous, airless, way, the word hate can be extremely offensive in situations where it was not meant to be. One can never be sure how the person he or she is talking to takes the use Of the word "hate," so to be safe, it should only be reserved for extreme situations. Hate is an emotion reserved for people that have the right to use it. Only people who have had traumatic or horrible life experiences have the right to hate certain people or items. Hating your parents because they don't let you go out is pathetic, unlike hating your parents because they abandoned you, which is understandable and tragic.

Students hating school because of a bad grade is very different from students hating school because they are bullied. What about kids hating cars because they aren't old enough to drive versus hating cars because of a serious accident? There is never black and white in these situations, it all depends on circumstances. Hate can only be used in truly loathly situations. Hate is an intense word that should only be used in the most extreme of situations, and should not be used frivolously. Hate is used too broadly on everyday subjects, and is a very offensive word that destroys relationships when used incorrectly.

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