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Customer Service Questionnaire

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Customer Service Questionnaire (step 5 of 6) Screening Questions| Instructions This questionnaire has been designed to help us to understand whether the role of customer assistant is right for you, as well as help you to understand more about what it might be like to work for Tesco. Based on actual experiences of Tesco customer assistants, each question describes a situation that you might find yourself in while at work. You should imagine yourself as a customer assistant in each situation and select one of the three options. The one you select is the option you would do in each of the given situations. | *Question 1 You are refilling a section of shelves in the store which you need to have completed before your break. Your manager approaches you and asks you to take your break an hour earlier as one of your colleagues needs to leave early today. Answer A: Agree to change the time of your break and ask if a colleague can finish refilling the section. Answer B: Tell your manager that you cannot change the time of your break as you need to finish refilling the shelves. Answer C: Agree to change the time of your break and check with your manager that you can finish refilling the section after your break.         | | *Question 2 You have been serving at the checkout during your shift. It has been a quiet morning and the store has not had many customers. There are no customers waiting to be served at your checkout. A customer on the checkout next to you is struggling to pack their shopping. Answer A: Leave your checkout and help the customer to pack their shopping. Answer B: Find a colleague to help the customer to pack their shopping. Answer C: Take the opportunity to have your break while there are no customers to serve. |         | | *Question 3

You are refilling shelves when you notice a customer putting products in a bag that they are carrying rather than a basket or a trolley. The customer could be intending to pay for the products at the checkout but you are unsure. Answer A: Do not approach the customer and assume that they will pay for the items when they get to the checkout. Answer B: Go and tell a colleague what the customer is doing and that you think they are shoplifting. Answer C: Make the customer aware of the staff presence in the store by approaching them and asking if they would like any help.         | | *Question 4 You are just about to go on your lunch break. A customer asks you to help them with their shopping. Helping the customer will mean taking a shorter lunch break. Answer A: Quickly tell the customer where the main products are and go on to take your lunch break. Answer B: Help the customer with their shopping and ask your manager if the time of your lunch hour can be changed to later because you were helping a customer. Answer C: Tell the customer that they should find another member of staff to help as you are about to take your lunch break. | | | Question 5 You usually work in the fruit and vegetables section but the clothing section will have a shortage of staff for three days next week. Your manager asks you to work in the Clothing section while they need the extra help. Answer A: Spend a few hours making sure you understand the new tasks that you will be doing in the clothing section. Answer B: Find a colleague to replace you in the clothing section as you would be uncomfortable working somewhere you have not worked before. Answer C: Hope that you will understand the new tasks in the clothing section when you start.         | | *Question 6 Your manager asks you to cover your colleague’s work as they are off sick. You already have a full day’s work planned. Answer A: Agree on the most important tasks for the day with your manager. Answer B: Finish your work first and then fit your colleague’s tasks in if you have time. Answer C: Concentrate on the tasks that are your normal daily responsibilities. |         | | *Question 7 You are cleaning up spilt yoghurt which, if left, could be dangerous for customers. A customer asks you to help them to take their shopping to the checkout.

Answer A: Tell the customer that you cannot help them because if the spilt yoghurt is not cleaned up it could cause an accident. Answer B: Ask the customer to wait while you find someone else to finish cleaning up the spilt yoghurt so that you can assist the customer. Answer C: Tell the customer that you would be happy to help them with their shopping once you have finished cleaning up the spilt yoghurt. |         | | *Question 8 You have just returned from your break and are about to start refilling the sweets aisle when a customer approaches you to complain that the apples they bought tasted very bitter.

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Answer A: Listen to the customer’s complaint so that you can decide on the best way to help the customer. Answer B: Suggest that the customer goes to Customer Services as you have been asked to refill the Sweets aisle. Answer C: Ask the customer to wait while you go to find a manager to help them. |         | | *Question 9 You have a long queue of customers waiting to be served at the checkout. While you are scanning a customer’s shopping one of the products does not scan properly. You need help to find out the product’s price but your colleagues are serving other customers.

Answer A: Apologise to the queue of customers while you alert your team leader and offer to help the customer to pack their shopping. Answer B: Suggest that the customers in the queue may want to use another checkout while you wait for a colleague to help you. Answer C: Suggest that the customer leaves the product if they want to be served quickly. |         | | *Question 10 The store is expecting a very busy week before a holiday season starts. Additional staff will be needed in the store so that everything still runs smoothly.

Your manager says that if anyone can do any extra shifts it would be greatly appreciated. Answer A: Wait to see if your colleagues take the extra shifts before offering to help. Answer B: Check your diary and commit to any extra shifts where you have the time. Answer C: Assume that the spare shifts will be taken by your colleagues who have the time. |         | | *Question 11 There are road works being done on your normal route to work for two days next week. This may delay your journey by as much as half an hour each way.

Answer A: Assume that your manager will understand as it is not your fault that you are late. Answer B: Tell your manager in advance that as your journey will be delayed you will be arriving late for work on those two days. Answer C: Leave for work earlier than usual to try to beat the traffic and make sure that you arrive on time. |         | | *Question 12 You are collecting stock from the back of the store to use to refill some of the shelves in your section. You notice that there is some stock missing for the third time in the past two weeks.

Answer A: Ask the last person to refill the same shelves if they know where the missing stock is. Answer B: Talk to your team leader about the missing stock when you have a chance to do it quietly. Answer C: Assume that the stock has been moved and continue with your task to refill the shelves. |         | | *Question 13 Your store is a busy one and there is always something that can be done. You have noticed that one of your colleagues is often in the back of the store doing nothing especially when additional help is needed on the checkout points.

Answer A: Quietly mention to your manager that you feel that your colleague has not been contributing to the team. Answer B: Complain loudly to any other colleagues that may be nearby whenever you cannot see your colleague. Answer C: Tell your colleague that you are annoyed that they do not help out as much as everyone else. |         | | *Question 14 You notice a customer is looking for something in the section you are working in and you offer to help. The customer is looking for barbeque utensils but these are a seasonal product and are not available at this time of year.

Answer A: Explain to the customer that seasonal products are only available for sale during certain months of the year. Answer B: Tell the customer that if they cannot locate a product in the store then it usually means that it is out of stock. Answer C: Tell the customer that barbeque utensils are not stocked at this time of year but offer to check the stockroom. |         | | *Question 15 A customer approaches you in the store and asks why they cannot find the product that they are looking for. The product has been discontinued and so the store cannot stock it anymore.

Answer A: Carefully explain the situation to the customer and recommend a similar product that the customer could use instead. Answer B: Explain to the customer that the store does not stock the product anymore and that they can speak to Customer Services for more information. Answer C: Tell the customer about another store where you think they might still be able to buy the product. |         | | *Question 16 You are working at the checkout and have a growing queue of customers to serve. As you scan a product for a customer, you notice that it has been charged at full price although you know that it is on sale.

The line manager you need to correct the price is currently helping another customer with a query. Answer A: Continue scanning the rest of the customer’s shopping as you have other customers waiting. Answer B: Finish the sale but tell the customer that if they speak to Customer Services they can be refunded the amount that they were owed. Answer C: Apologise to the queue of waiting customers and alert your line manager to correct the price of the product. |         | | *Question 17 You are shopping on behalf of a customer that has ordered online.

One member of your team is away so you are busier than normal. You only have a short time before the order is due to be loaded in to the van. As you are about to take the order to the van a customer approaches you with a question about returning an item. Answer A: Put the order safely to one side and walk with the customer to where the return can be made. Answer B: Tell the customer where returns can be made and that a colleague will be able to help them. Answer C: Tell the customer that you are not able to assist with returned items and that they should find a manager. | |

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