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Criminal Investigation

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Criminal Investigation Katia Cabrera Figueroa Everest College Criminal Investigation What do you want to be when you grow up? We have this question in mine sense ever. There are people who find it difficult to answer, and answer change as they move in their lives. For me it was always easy question to answer, I have wanted to be a criminal investigator. My love for criminal investigation begins in 5th grade and never left. I have always been curious about the things happening around me. I still remember when scoring the things that happened in a notebook followed by items for me were part of a criminal investigation.

In high school I sat with my friends trying to solve the problems they have. Many of my cases were stealing books, notebooks, pencils, and such things. Now in college I'm one step from achieving what has been my dream girl- become a criminal investigator. When I was younger I always wanted to be a my cousin Zuleika Diaz that I will like to become a criminal Investigator too. After conducting some research of this career, I have found that Criminal Investigator have many responsibilities. Criminal Investigator has to examining records, assisting the prosecution with preparation of pretrial evidence, conducting investigations on felony and misdemeanor trials, operating law-enforcement equipment and testifying in court about obtained pretrial evidence. A criminal investigator needs to be persistent and cooperative with others, including accepting criticism. ” (Pankratz, 199-2013). “Obtaining and verifying evidence by interviewing and observing suspects, witnesses and records is part of a criminal investigator career.

In addition, recording evidence and documents using cameras and other equipment is required. Preparation of reports that detail investigation findings, collaboration with other offices and testifying before juries concerning criminal activity investigations are part of a criminal investigator career. ” (Pankratz, 199-2013). All of these aspects of a Criminal Investigator are excited to me. I have found that is nothing more satisfying than making a difference in the word. Maybe is a small difference, but I'm sure that this difference will cause others be protected, to be at peace.

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Becoming a Criminal Investigator is a hard work. “A bachelor's degree is generally required for a career in criminal investigation. However several degree options are possible, such as criminal investigations, natural science, law enforcement, crime-scene processing, criminal justice, forensic archeology and psychology. A strong science background provides an advantage to a criminal investigation career by providing research and science methods and techniques. ” (Pankratz, 199-2013). “You must be licensed to be an investigator in most states.

Check with your state licensing board on the requirements for an investigative license. Many will require years of service or law school to be considered. The longer you have been an investigator, the more roles you will be given. Experience is important. An agency will not release you onto a crime scene without experience for fear of contaminating the scene. ” (Dawn, 1999). “ Criminal investigation knowledge includes government regulations, laws, legal codes, court procedures, agency rules, public safety and security procedures and computer and equipment knowledge.

Skills needed include writing, judgment and decision-making, complex problem solving, social perceptiveness and active listening. A successful criminal investigator will be able to combine information to form a conclusion, recognize problems and communicate effectively. ” (Pankratz, 199-2013). I am less interested in this aspect; I must always keep my skills currents through things like formal education or informal learning by attending workshops and conference and joining professional associations. In May 2009, the PayScale. com indicates how college’s degrees can impact the overall salary of a criminal investigator. In September 2010, investigators with a criminal justice degree had a salary that ranged from $43,576 to $82,445; those with Bachelor of Science degrees in criminal justice ranged from $36,625 to $60,398; those with a general Bachelor of Science degree ranged from $55,000 to $88,767; and those with a BA degree ranged from $38,421 to $60,000. ” (Consador, 2009).

According to Roe Gillis (20113), the most important qualities of a Criminal Investigator will depend on the specific law agency you wish to work for. Most agencies, however, specify you have at least one year of patrol duty as a police officer and previous work experience in the field before being able to work as a criminal investigator. Additionally, you must possess strong interviewing and communication skills. Criminal investigators must be able to stay calm in stressful situations and have personality traits that include honesty and trustworthiness.

Other skills you will need as a criminal investigator are the ability to use logic to solve problems and cases, and the ability to be perceptive to the reactions of others and to physical surroundings pertaining to investigations. You will also need outstanding problem solving and decision making skills. Good physical and mental health are additional qualifications you will need to succeed as a criminal investigator. After researching this career, I am even more excited of my future. I know that it will be a hard work and it will include a lot studying years, it will be worth it.

Knowing that I will have the opportunities of solve a crime make me happy. I hope I will have the same impact with my family has my cousin have had on me. I want to be that person that people can go with any problems, considering that would find a solution to your problem. Reference Career, M. C. (2013). Criminal Investigator. Retrieved from http://www. mycriminaljusticecareer. com/criminal-investigator Pankratz, R. (1999-2013). Ehow Contributor. Retrieved from Ehow: http://www. about_51186070-criminal-investigator-career. html Service, U. S. (2012). Criminal Investigation. Retrieved from http://ww. secretservice. gov

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