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Count Your Shots From Next Time!

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Apart from creating attractive and valuable products, startups have now started to innovate ancillary products, to grab the right eye-balls and support its core idea.

In an endeavour to do the same, Morning Fresh- a restorative hangover cure & natural drink to detoxify alcohol, introduced The Bro’ster in collaboration with Dentsu Webchutney; a full-service digital advertising agency. The Bro’ster is the first-ever talking coaster to keep you company through the evening; much like that one sober friend who’s got your back and beyond on a night out.

How does it work?

 Witty, charming, and occasionally mean, the gadget says what it thinks about your drinking curve, which is displayed on an LCD screen on the coaster.

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Count Your Shots From Next Time!

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. We arrived at creating The Bro'ster ; a personified coaster that becomes one of your buddies on the table and shoots witty and funny remarks at you through your evening. It tells you when you are going too fast and asks you to slow down, when you need to! Cue in Morning Fresh and it also helps predicts when you are going to be hung-over and reminds you to take one to avoid it” Co-founder Mitali Tandon says.

The company’s aim was to constantly find new and fresh ways to innovate and create exciting and interactive customer experiences. MF in collaboration with Dentsu Webchutney, successfully put together this playfully modern gadget, mixing technology and relevant cultural insights to create an out-of-the-box experience.

“The Bro'ster integrates technology, big data, customer engagement and the brand/call to action, in a seamless way

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