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Christmas Vacation a Boon

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Christmas!! It is pleasing to hear when we know that it’s near. Specially to those students like me because we knew that it’s going be a long time of rest in our studies and we can do other things that we can’t during school days and also to the kids and small children because the first thing that comes to their mind when they hear Christmas are gifts and new toys.

It is not new to us Filipinos already the yearly preparation and celebration of this very special day for Christians because it is already in our tradition and culture as Filipino. This is one of the traditions inherited to us by our ancestors that until now we still give significance.

Every Christmas, one of the traditions of our friend Christians is they prepare a lot of food for their visitors, friends and family, giving of gifts and of course having a fireworks display to show their joy. That is why many people consider Christmas as the time for joy, sharing and love. I would like to argue and to prove that the two-week Christmas vacation really is a boon or shall we say a blessings to us Filipinos because of these following reasons:

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  • Since majority of people here in our country are Christians, and Christian people always take Christmas as a blessing to them because it is when Christ was born and save them from their sins, they were able and have an enough time to rejoice and give thanks and express gratitude to their savior. According to the Pew Research Center, the 2000 Philippine census found that 5.1% of the population is Muslim. While the majority of the population are Roman Catholic, some ethnic groups are Protestant, non-religious, Buddhist, Animist and Hindus.
  • Christmas vacation also gives us time to be reunited with our love ones. It is much pleased to celebrate Christmas with our friends, relatives and especially our family. As we observe, there are so many people travelling during Christmas season compared to other seasons of the year. Bus terminal, airports, pier and other transportation establishments are overcrowded with people. And these people have the same destination, to go back home to spend their Christmas vacation with their family and friends.
  • Employees receives bonus from their employment. Christmas bonus is a benefit that is not government mandated, but is usually given to employees. This is given in December, on top of the 13th month pay. This is considered as the company’s Christmas gift to their employees.
  • Small and big establishments are tend to have a higher rate of income during Yuletide season, especially when Christmas Eve is approaching. The rate of demand of goods is higher and also prices of goods are getting higher and higher as Christmas day becomes nearer and nearer. As we all know, according to the law of demand, when the rate of demand is high, the prices also become high and consecutively income also gets higher.
  • There is also an increase of rate of tourist in our country and that means more jobs to our people. As we notice during Christmas, we can see a lot of foreigners compared to ordinary days of the year. It is because many foreigners prefer to spend Christmas here in our country because of our nature and our tourist destinations. These tourists can be an investor here in our country and it only means that more jobs will be accessible.
  • People can have an another source of income during these days. People can sell products that are in demand all through this season such as fireworks and food that we usually prepare like ham keso de bola. We can see throughout this season a lot of vendor selling products that are we usually use and prepare for Christmas. Based on my arguments I strongly believe that the two-week Christmas vacation really is a boon to Filipinos like me.

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