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The Purpose of Studying at AIT and Career Objective For Obtaining AIT’s Master Degree I am a degree holder of Bachelor of Engineering (Information Technology) and I have a keen interest in information technology,especially in programming. During this years, I am not only working at Agricultural Mechnization Department as a Senior Assistant Engineer but also learning computer programming language. It has equipped me with stable technical skills in programming and experience with SDLC methodologies.

Throughout the experience of working on different IT projects,it has established my interest in project management and I made me realized that my own career goal is to be a professional Computer Programmer or a Chief Information Officer. In our country ,many professional programmer and IT manager formed various committees and association such as Myanmar Computer Professional Association(MCPA) . The government has initiated various programs such as their Own Ministry Websites and the E-commerce system to provide strategic direction towards Myanmar’s IT development..

However,these initiatives are facing issues such as lack of technology transfer due to short of IT specialists. However,I think that my existing knowledge and experience is insufficient for me to be able to achieve my goal. Hence , this is my motivation behind of my admission to your course. To be a successful Computer programmer and IT manager, rich IT knowledge and experience is critical. However,knowledge in various areas of project is also crucial.

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I expert that the Master in Computer Science at Asian Institute of Technology will allow me to enhance and strength my acamedic knowledge about management theories and programming methodologies. Also, through the peer to peer experience sharing to be able to familiarize myself with the challenges and difficulties that may arise during computer system management at various industries and learn how to overcome these challenges and difficulties by sharing ideas with one another.

I also strongly believe that my Master degree from AIT will give me the qualities and capability to help overcome the technology transfer obstacle in Myanmar. My graduate degree in AIT will help me become an IT specialist in the government office and in long term venture into technology management consultation to help Myanmar master the technology to compete with the developed countries that have moved on to a more advanced technology. I wish to form innovative strategies to initiate various database system ventures in the public sector.

We must have built in every corner of the needs not only in economic, politic movement but also the basic communication and technology as well. We truly need the basic knowledge of 21 century’s general modern industrial’s beneficial and advantages. We must take the advantages of innovative technology in order to make some change for the better place of Myanmar. . The more we have variety educated, skillful and professional social workers, and the better way to develop our country with respect to the basic needs.

In my conclusion,today era is information and communication era. Today’s youth will be able to catch up with the technological age only if they constantly study IT technologies in accord with the modern age. These are what I am willing to do and what I am always dreaming about how to make change for my country to be a democratic one. I truly believe that AIT is the best choice to due to the excellent academic reputation and atmosphere within the university. It will be great honor for me to have an opportunity to study a leading global university like AIT.

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