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My Career Objective

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In my first employment, I want to be employed as marketing assistant for a drug Maker Company. Being a fresh graduate with a pharmaceutical degree from the university, I am quite excited to be in the marketing department because the job seemed to fit to my course (a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmaceutical). The job that I want to have includes the sale of pharmaceutical products, taking orders from the customers, and developing business relations with both new and old customers.

Target Market

My main target market is the Pharmaceutical Companies in India, which manufacture pharmaceutical products and drugs for export to South East Asia. Most of the drugs are sold over the counter, as these drugs are common medicines for fever, cough, and flu. There are also generic antibiotic medicines such as cefalexin and amoxicillin that are sold cheap. At present, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and Malaysia are the emerging pharmaceutical manufacturer and exporter in the region.

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In order to demonstrate my desire to work in pharmaceutical company in India, I checked for job opportunities in some pharmaceutical companies in India. See appendix A or Job announcements samples from India. This job opportunity requires a minimum of one-year experience but I believe that if the credential is impressive, it may not pose problem.

Personal Features

To prove my worth to the position, I would like to emphasize five features that describe me as a person, and as a professional. First, I posses a solid communication skills both in person and by phone which I developed during my student days as public information officer in our school organ which  I believe will benefit the marketing department. Second, I am proficient with Macintosh, PC, and spreadsheet applications; I am particularly gifted with technical skills that give me an advantage over other applicants. Third, I can effectively manage important aspect of business operations, including inventory management and account maintenance. I acquired knowledge in this area through my on-the job training at my grand father’s business firm.

Fourth, I have a flexible character and I cab easily get along with others. This enables me to have the ability to organize and motivate others. I believe this is important in the work place because working in harmony with others builds teamwork, which is important in creating a productive work environment. Above all these, is that I posses a strong work ethic and enthusiasm to learn. I believe that with all this features I can help the company to boost its sales performance as well as in advancing the company’s competitive advantage.

What makes me different from others?

I understand that there are many applicants to the position I desired, but I would like to point out my advantage with others, which make the difference. Aside from the five features that I have which I mentioned above, I am a jolly person. I have strong sense of humor and I could easily crack jokes that can uplift the guts of my peers. I am willing to do some technical trouble shooting if necessary, even to the extent of working on twenty-four hours to ensure effective communication facility or to meet the necessary requirements.

I am aware that this is not the kind of job I am applying but if I need to do so, I will be willing. My communication skills would be an advantage too. I have communications with a lot of important personality that could provide an important business link. If I will be given the chance to be part of the marketing team, I could work with these important people to advance the companies’ interest and goals.

Salary Expectation

With regard to the salary, I will not be so particular about how much as long as it is respectable. I mean not really high but not very low also. But this depends on the company situation. If the company is multi-national I would expect salary that will commensurate to my worth in the company. I believe this is justifiable because multi-national company earns enormous profits and it is not a sin to demand a fair share.  I will not demand higher salary, but just the appropriate compensation based on the prevailing salary standard.

However if necessary, I am willing to accept lower salary if that meant developing good experience for a better job two to three years from now. I do not think demanding a higher salary at this point is unjustifiable in the sense that I have not proven yet my worth. I need to prove all that I have stated in my resume. The salary that I expect is the current minimum wage for professional.

Promotional strategy (why I want This Job)

I have learned about the job opportunity in India from the internet at Yahoo job search India. The specific location of the company is in Mumbai. I want this job because I have particular interest in pharmaceutical related work. Besides this is my field of expertise and it would be more comfortable for me if will be in this fieldwork. Perhaps what attracts me to this kind of work is that since childhood, I was fascinated by the pharmacist in their beautiful uniform that I used to see at a nearby drugstore in our neighborhood. I choose to work in India because I want to experience a new culture. India is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia and considered to one of the emerging hegemonic economy after the United States.

What do I see my self doing in five years

I would say that I will still be in this company five years from now but perhaps as the marketing head of the company’s marketing department. I am quite sure that both my technical and communication skills will be even more developed during the course of my employment and I expect that I can acquire new skills, particularly in management, that could provide me the opportunity for career improvement. I am confident that so long as the top management recognized my worth and justly compensate my effort, I can perform my best and remain loyal to the company’s goals and mission.

What do I see my self in ten years?

As I mentioned earlier, so long as the company recognized my worth and justly compensate my effort, I will remain loyal to the company and perform my best. In this case I see my self-being in the top management team or perhaps a branch manager in either India or in particular Asian country. My loyalty to the company will remain until the time of my retirement. The company’s trust and confidence in me as well as the fare recognition of my initiative, my effort, and my skills and experience with the company will be the motivating factor behind my commitment.

Distributional Strategy

I will make the employer aware of the benefit that I can provide through my resume with attached application letter. I must prepare an impressive resume that presents my outstanding qualification specified in terms of acquired skills, personal attributes, co—curricular and community involvement, awards, and most importantly my work experience.  By means of these points of competencies, I can generally pinpoint my advantages over other applicants; and in the same way, the employer can easily determine why he has to select me from the many choices he has.

Basically, resume and application letter is the best option for all application in making that first point of contact with the employer.  This is the best way to make personal impression because this reflects your sincerity and personality.

Appendix A


Marketing Executive

Company Profile: The company is into manufacturing of High Quality Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Beverages & Food Industries Machineries & Equipments.
Job involves : The job will include sale of pharmaceutical Machinery, follow up with client, Taking orders from clients, overall business development of the old and New clients as well.
Experience : 1 - 3 yrs
Job Category : Marketing / Sales

Medical Marketing Associates

Company Profile : A Pharmaceutical Group of Company

Job involves : Post Graduates/ Graduates in Medicine/ Pharmacy/ science.
Experience : 1 - 2 yrs
Job Category : Pharmaceutical/ Biotech
Keywords - Medical Marketing Associates

More Information
Salary : Upto Rs 1.75 lacs p.a
Location : Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Jaipur
Date Posted :

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