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Career Development

The relationship between early career success and participating in an undergraduate field internship extends earlier research on the effects of formal marketing education on career success. Career focus includes the recognition of the personal valued, work-related outcomes and the vocational abilities and interests are important to attain work satisfaction. (Taylor, 1992) Interns benefit from developing career aspirations and self-concept.

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(Madoch, 1980)

Undergraduates who have completed their internship program have a greater sense of responsibility and career development. (Borzak, 1979); (Williams, 1990); (Eyler, 1992).Internship helps to decide career choice and future job satisfaction. (Taylor, 1992) A survey of intern and non-intern business of a north eastern US public university indicated significant early career advantages for undergraduate with internship experiences advantage included less time to obtain first position increase monitory compensation, and grater overall job satisfaction. In addition to the career benefits provided to the students. ( (gualt, redington, & schlager, 2000)


Compensated interns have more successful internships. Compensation is strongly recommended to make the experience realistic (Madoch, 1980) Offering compensation is a sign of support to interns. (Berger, 1992)Although compensation for an intern’s work can be a certain unit of academic credit, but the best way to pay is still monetary reward, and survey shows the interns who received payments evaluated their internships higher. (Bacow, 1993). ). Even if it is a minimum wage, compensation acts as a reminder that students are in the “real world” where they are supposed to think and feel like “employees /professionals”.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers says interns who get paid are almost twice as likely as their unpaid counterparts to get a job offer when they graduate. (Herships, 2013) Paid internship may also create a more competitive applicant pool. (University, n.d.)

Furthermore, by paying the interns, the sponsoring organization can demonstrate its commitment in making the internship meaningful. (Hamilton, 1992).And also Paid internships offer students a way to gain relevant knowledge and the skills required to succeed in a specific career field while making some money through an hourly wage, weekly salary, or stipend over the course of the internship. (LORETTO, 2018)

The number of paid internships being offered by employers are increasing in the Universities across America. According to the employers it is due to the high amount of lawsuits regarding interns being used to performing menial chores (like taking out the trash) that have been filed over the past few years. Companies wants to protect their companies, therefore they try to are keep a watchful eye on these lawsuits.

The companies think that paying their interns seems like the first step in doing the right thing and taking the responsibility to compensate someone (no matter how young and inexperienced) for tasks performed.so, the no of job offers has increased as well as the undergraduates have got the opportunity to do a paid internship. Paid internship helps to motivate the undergraduate interns. (LORETTO, 2018)
Therefore, Compensation is positively associated with the successfulness of internship program.

 Industry Exposure/Experiential Education

There’s no substitute for hands-on experience. (LORETTO, 2018)An experiential education can be described as “all programs that are designed to expand the setting of learning experiences beyond the traditional school environment to occupational and community settings and these programs use planned experience to promote cooperation between traditional educational institutions and business, industry, labor, government and community groups to support learning”. (Miller) Experiential Learning is important for the interns. It is also a crucial factor to the successfulness of internship program.

As for our research area we only try to finalize the Student perspective factors of successful internship program. We are going to check whether the above discovered student perspective factors are accurate and match with the student perspective of KDU Undergraduates.

 Chapter Summary

The above literature shows that most of the foreign researchers were concerned about this issue and they have done their studies regarding this issue in the global context. Success of the internship program depends upon the influences or factors which affected for the internship program. The competency and motivation of all parties involved are indispensable for a successful internship programs.

As we mentioned above the identified three perspectives are Organizational Perspective, University Perspective and Student Perspective. According to our study area we discovered Skill Development, Self-confidence and Attitudes, Academic Preparedness and Evaluation, Career Development, Compensation and Industry Exposure as the Student Perspective factors from those previous researches. Those are essential to the undergraduates who have to participate in the internship program in the near future.

Research methodology


This Chapter provides an outline for the research methodology of this study to answer the research questions. This contents of the Research Design, Research Approach, Sampling Method, Data Collection Method and Data Analysis Method etc.

Research Design, Approach and Method

The purpose of this research is to explore the factors affected on successful internship program on student perspective of KDU. So this Experimental study is done based on Positivism. We developed a hypothesis based on the existing theory and designing the research strategy to test the hypothesis, therefore our study is according to the Deductive Approach. And also this study is a Cross-sectional Study. We collected numerical data that are analyzed using mathematically based methods, therefore our research method is Quantitative.

Conceptual Framework

According to the study, it is mainly considered that what factors affecting on successful internship program of Student Perspective. The following figure shows the conceptual framework of this study.

Independent Variables Dependent Variable

Source:- Developed by the Researchers

For the success of an internship program they are the essential factors according to the student perspective that need to be developed by the Intern Undergraduates. In here, the dependent variable is Successful Internship program. There are five independent variables which affect for the successfulness of the internship program, namely Skill Development, Self-confidence and Attitudes, Academic Preparedness and Evaluation, Career Development, Compensation and Industry Exposure. Therefore, those factors are the positive influences affected for the successful internship program.


Source; Developed by the Researchers

We selected the sample size as 80 Undergraduates from the population Simple random sampling technique was employed in the selecting the sample from the targeted population. We sent the structured questionnaires to the respondents as google forms using online social medias to access easily and filled out the questionnaires so that the true responses could be obtained.

Data Collection Method

To measure how those independent variable factors’ relationship with the dependent variable: successful internship program we collected adequate information by using Questionnaires as primary data.

As Secondary data we collected by means of extensive literature study that includes textbooks, journal articles, internet based web searches and research data bases.

Data analytical Tool.

In order to transform information in to quality data and to check reliability of them, Completed questionnaires and answers used to inspect and editing. Then Data would be analyzed using analytical tools such as Excel, mean, median, skewness measures depending on the nature of the data set. And also we used IBM SPSS Software (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) to analyze the data. Descriptive statistics based on frequency tables, graphs and charts used to provide information. The Descriptive Statistics which have used in this study are based on tables frequency distribution, and graphical presentation with the respect to the information of the respondents.


This study is designed to be quantitative that collect data using Questionnaires as Primary data and textbooks, journal articles, internet based web searches and research data bases as secondary data This is an Experimental study which is based on positivism. And also it is in deductive approach. This study has done according to the correct guidelines in order to achieve the core purpose of this Research.