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            This is an executive summary outlining the major issues addressed in the business plan of a proposed new business. This is the scenario: being a Nurse Practitioner trying to set up a Women’s  Service and Health Center, develop a business plan in one’s area of practice which is Women’s Service and Health Center to be presented to a bank or venture capital group for financing. The plan should have sufficient detail and overview to enable the reader to get a complete and accurate picture of the business. The services provided in the Women’s Service center should include: Prenatal services, birthing services, and care from puberty and menopause. Services should also include physical examinations, women's health education and access to certain medications such as birth control.

Business Plan: Women’s Service Center

Executive Summary

A business plan is a professional document for a company development. The plan integrates the company’s involvements for realization of goals. A good business plan should present the description of the company, the goals, mission and vision of the business, and also give an outline of the services or products offered. This paper outlines a proposed business plan for a Women’s Service Center.  This center will be offering a number of varied services to address the needs of women. The company will be providing women related health care. The company will be providing women related health care. This calls for a business mission, vision, and objectives or goals (Derammelaere ; Arthur, 2008). This calls for a business mission, vision, and objectives or goals. The mission is to provide the best prenatal and birthing services and offer individualized physical examination and education provision to all the modern women. The vision is to become a leading Service Center in the provision of women-related health needs.

In this Service Center, a number of services will be provided. These include prenatal services, birthing services, and care from puberty and menopause. Other services to be provided also include physical examinations, women's health education and enough access to certain medications such as birth control. The increasing demand of services for women is an important advantage which places the business of the company at a better position (Derammelaere & Arthur, 2008). However, competition from other businesses in place offering similar services is a disadvantage for the center. A number of strengths such as expertise in women needs and possible source of funding is necessary for the center. Weaknesses might include poor living conditions and the current economic situation.

The goals of the health service will therefore be to provide the best of services to the clients, have proper management, achieve the trust of customers, and achievement business expansion in the first three years of business. With the above statements, the Center will hope to achieve the best of business gains (Derammelaere & Arthur, 2008). The focus of the business is with the nature of services provided to the clients. Quality service provision is the main approach which will promote the growth of this business. The mission and vision statements have been given, and also a concise description of the company. This Service Center will be providing prenatal services to expectant women, birthing services, as well as care from menopause and puberty, among others. A proper marketing plan is necessary to increase client base and increase business returns. With this kind of business, some important daily operations will be undertaken in the Women’s Health Center.

There shall also be the employment of competent personnel who will offer specialized needs and services to different women with different health needs. While some risks might be involved, it is necessary to come up with new measures of addressing them. Ways of attracting more women to the facility will be adopted and also increase advertisement. A marketing plan will be adopted which will include advertisement and providing quality services to women in particular. The operational plan will include managers, assistant managers and directors. As well, human resource will be adopted to address workforce diversity (Derammelaere & Arthur, 2008). A working permit will be obtained as part of the legal considerations. Uncompromised services will be offered, and customers will have to pay in cash so as to make it easy for them. Also, other means of payment like credit cards will be encouraged. Towards business development and growth, pay for government performance requirements will impact positively on the business. This will ensure provision of quality services to the clients of the Women’s Service Center.


Derammelaere, A. & Arthur, T. (2008). Writing a Convincing Business Plan. New York: John Wiley and Sons.

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