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Business Plan Auto Industry Contents (Don't bother editing the contents - Vie found a cheat way to do it - Leroy)

Auto-Excellence is a leading automobile provider within the European market. The lower medium 'Balladeer' is produced in Spain and distributed to Spain, Italy and France, whilst the upper medium 'Balladeer II' is produced in the Czech Republic and distributed to Spain, Germany and the I-J. Below is a performance overview of the company: (Perhaps edit slightly- I wouldn't write it better apart from perhaps instead of provider, I d say manufacturer- but u re native English person so u choose

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  1.  When we reference the terminology should we Just put it in the bibliography and preference it in the text as well I.  (Kettle, 2008). Jan- I would use numbered footnotes, list them on the bottom of page with page numbers etc. And than list the books in the bibliography
  2. How long should the reviews be and could you give me an example of how you think the review should go...? I d keep them around 100 words each, so that we don't go over the word limit. Well if I d write one; Auto Excellence established itself within the automotive market, hence our team satisfied its mission. During the first year, the
  3. What in terms of stock do we need to talk about?I d talk about steel and number of cars manufactured ready to dispatch
  4. What is terms of product data do we need to talk about?
  5. Quality description of the product category extras and specifications, R&D
  6. We've done an "About Auto-Excellence" section; do we need to do an "Executive Summary'?
  7. Should we Justify (CTR + J) text?
  8. What do we need to include when talking about Current Costs?


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