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Business Planning Softwares And Applications

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Business planning softwares or applications are considered business intelligence systems because of their valuable functions to organizational operations and processes. Business planning as a process involves an organization’s efforts to obtain advantage over its competitors.

Specific processes involved during the business planning process includes framing the goals and objectives of the organization, evaluating or assessing needs and other issues that need resolution, determining the available resources and availability or accessibility of much needed resources, undergoing the decision-making process to determine what resolutions to provide or what introductions of changes need to be done, implementing business policies or strategies, and finally conducting assessment to determine the overall efficiency of the established business plan. (“The Role of Business Planning,” 2003)

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Business Planning Softwares And Applications

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Business planning softwares or applications assist organizations in accomplishing the processes involved in business planning, most especially in the area of making decisions and preparing the organization for change or transformations. One particular software or application is the Exl-Plan which focuses on the financial planning process in order to scope the available and the availability or accessibility of resources.

Exl-Plan presents a projection of finances for organizations under the context of strategic plans being considered in order to determine the long-term effects of the business plan upon its implementation. Since the financial position of the company is often the greatest indicator in determining organizational success, Exl-Plan succeeds in assisting organizations in this area. (“Ex-Plan – Detailed Information,” 2008)

Business planning softwares or applications provided by Planium, a certified partner of Microsoft Corporation, covers wide-ranging processes that carry out various roles during the business planning process. For instance, the Business Planner 8 Pro is intended for organizations that are highly dependent on technological softwares or applications during the entire process of business planning. The Business Planner 8 Pro follows the business planning process from the research process and needs analysis, evaluation and assessment, actual planning process, stage for implementation of business strategies and approaches, and the evaluation or assessment process.

The Business Planner Pro, an earlier version of the Business Planner 8 Pro is simpler to learn and manipulate which is recommendable for individuals inexperienced in the field of technological management. Aside from the two distinct versions of the Business Planner software or application, Planium also recommends the use of the Sales Planner 2. This software or application assists the organization in determining the available resources and helping leaders during the decision-making process which determines the allocation of resources for budgeting purposes. The Sales Planner 2 allows organizations to make informed and responsible choices in utilizing resources for the best results. (“Business Planning Software,” 2008)

The softwares or applications discussed in this paper presents the need for members of the organization to learn technology in terms of controlling or manipulating various programs that are structured for the purposes of business planning. Organizational members should be provided with background knowledge and comprehensive skills in utilizing computer softwares or applications.

Staff, personnel or employees should be provided the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills in handling technological tools, most especially business planning softwares or applications by arranging seminars or workshops that present valuable information that will help them in realizing the purpose of utilizing business application softwares or applications within the work setting. Moreover, the utilization of business intelligence systems in the workplace means that organizations should be prepared to allocate resources in technological systems, such as computer softwares and hardwares, network connections, computer skill training programs, and such in order to ensure that its members are capable of utilizing business planning softwares or applications to the organization’s advantage.


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