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Methodologies for Citing an Interview in APA Style Format

September 06, 2023
3 minutes read
Table of contents

The Imperative of Proper Interview Citation

In the domain of scientific and academic research, the credence and authenticity of one's sources stand as the foundational pillars undergirding the entire analytical framework. Interviews, being primary sources, offer invaluable firsthand knowledge and perspectives. This makes understanding how to cite an interview in APA style not merely an academic formality, but a crucial ethical and scholarly prerequisite. Accurate citation not only circumvents the moral quandaries associated with plagiarism but also lends an air of scholarly rigor to your work.

Fundamental Rules for APA Interview Citation

With regard to the APA paper writing service, it is crucial to underscore that interviews can be categorized into three distinct types: published interviews, personal interviews, and group interviews. Each classification is accompanied by specific citation guidelines:

  • Published Interviews: These interviews are publicly accessible and may be found in platforms such as newspapers, television broadcasts, or academic journals. These necessitate a comprehensive citation in the references list.
  • Personal Interviews: These are interviews that you personally administer and are categorized as personal communications. Although they don't require an entry in the references list, in-text citation is obligatory to furnish context.
  • Group Interviews: Predominantly utilized in extensive research endeavors, these interviews encompass multiple respondents. Like personal interviews, these do not mandate a formal citation in the references list, but textual acknowledgment is requisite.

The identification of the interview category is imperative for an adept navigation through the intricate corridors of APA citation guidelines.

Illustrative Examples for APA Interview Citations

Upon identifying the category of the interview, the ensuing step is to consult illustrative examples that elucidate the appropriate citation format:

  1. For Published Interviews:
    A citation for an interview published in an academic journal may be formatted as follows:
    James, K. (2011, Jan. 11). Mechanical Engineering & NASA: The use of AI-based tools and automation [Conference session]. Mechanical Engineering 2011 Conference, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, United States.
  2. For Online Interviews:
    An archetypical example would be as follows:
    Gethin, J. (2019, May 7). Kelly Jones: Stereophonics Lead Singer in Conversation | Talks at Google. Talks at Google, Cardiff, U.K.
  3. For Personal Interviews:
    An in-text citation would be formatted as such:
    (F. Kirian, personal communication, February 7, 2020)
  4. For Speech Citations:
    An exemplary speech citation would appear as:
    Meir, G. (1969, September 25). White House reception address [Speech audio recording]. American Rhetoric.

These archetypal examples function as guideposts, helping to ensure that your citations conform to the exacting norms of APA style format.

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