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Balance Sheet of AFC Enterprise

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AFC Enterprises, Inc. engages in the development, operation, and franchising of quick-service restaurants. Its restaurants offer food and beverage products. The company’s Income Statement shows that almost 36% of the total revenue represents cost of revenue and 69% represents operating expenses which resulted to a net operating loss of 5%. On the other hand, the Balance Sheet of AFC Enterprise, Inc. reveals that the company’s assets totalled $ 212. 7 million while total liabilities reached $ 261.

4 million. This means that the company is not capable of paying all of its obligations since liabilities is bigger than its assets and has negative equity. Marten Transport, Ltd. provides temperature-sensitive truckload carriers in the United States. It offers long-haul truckload carriage, which provides protective service transportation and time-sensitive transportation, such as transporting food and other consumer packaged goods that require a temperature-controlled or insulated environment.

The company’s result of operation as reflected in the Income Statement indicates a positive result. Gross Profit is almost 19% of the total revenue while Net Income is 6%. The Balance Sheet of Marten shows that the financial condition of the company is good.

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The equity amounting to $ 193. 9 million is bigger than its total Liabilities which implies that Marten has the capacity to pay all its obligations. American Home Mortgage Investment Corp., a real estate investment trust (REIT), engages in the investment and origination of residential mortgage loans in the United States. The company primarily originates and sells securitized adjustable-rate mortgage loans, as well as engages in the sale of mortgage loans to institutional investors and servicing mortgage loans owned by others. The company’s revenue totaled $1,392 million for the calendar year (CY) 2005. Since this is a service oriented corporation, only operating and other expenses are the only cost deducted from gross income.

Net Income represents 18% of the total gross receipts. Base on the Balance Sheet of the company, more funds were placed in Long-Term Investments. Total Assets amounting to $ 17,755 million is higher than Total Liabilities so creditors has nothing to worry about. Atlantis Plastics, Inc. manufactures specialty plastic films, and custom molded and extruded plastic products in the United States. The company operates in three segments: Plastic Films, Injection Molding, and Profile Extrusion.

Atlantis Plastics recognized a gross revenue of $ 424. 3 million for 2005, 85 % of which is accounted for the cost of revenue, 13. 4 % for operating and other expenses and 1. 6% for net income. As shown in the Balance Sheet, the company is not liquid meaning it cannot easily satisfy short-term obligations when due. REFERENCES: Mejorada, N. (1999). Business Finance. (2nd edition). Philippines : Goodwill Trading Co. , Inc. Website : http://finance. yahoo. com/

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