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Beard vs Graff

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As an ex-marine and a supporter for increased personal independence, you take pride in offering customers a variety of helmets and accessories that allow the consumer to express themselves confidently.

Without your creative vision, this company would not have the sales growth that it has had over the ears due to your persistent work ethic. I am eager to continue to learn from you how to operate a profitable independent business, as I wish to accomplish similar successes in the long run. The number of U. S. traffic deaths has been on decreasing over the years; however, more people are dying in motorcycle crashes. 4,612 motorcyclists died in 2011, more than two times the amount in 1997.

Out of the 4,612 lives taken from motorcycle accidents, around 750 could have been saved had the rider been wearing a "DOT" certified helmet. As you know, we have sold many novelty helmets over the years that o not meet "DOT" safety requirements, and these helmets provide no protection in a crash. Research has concluded that there is a "100-percent probability of brain injuries and skull fractures," indicating that these helmets are worn more for style rather than safety. As this issue becomes more prevalent in the media, customers will begin to question whether price and style trump a lifesaving protective "DOT" helmet.

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As you have served in the military, you know how important each person's life is. With 800,000 novelty helmets being sold per year, imagine how many lives you ould save by excluding novelty helmets from our product line. Although this would be a large change in our business strategy, this change can increase profits, limit motorcycle fatalities, and positively portray the morals of our fear that I can see you having with only selling "DOT" helmets is that profit margins would diminish.

Yet, we can increase our bottom-line if we inform our customer base of the extreme differences in protection that both helmets provide. Once our consumers understand the importance of "DOT" helmets through statistics and estimonials of current customers whose lives were saved, we can incrementally increase these prices. It's also vital to note that with possible legislation being enacted that would ban novelty helmets and require all riders to wear "DOT" certified helmets, your company would be far more prepared for these changes than anyone else.

Not to mention, in this litigation intense environment that we currently live in, banning novelty helmets from our product line would lower the probability of law suits exponentially. This is an opportune time to make a decision that will allow your company to grow for any years to come, and banning novelty helmets from your product line will be the right choice. You have always been extremely innovative, and with your leadership, we will continue to provide our customers with products that exceed our competitors' efforts.

I would like to set up a meeting with you on Friday, November 1 5th so that we can go forward with this project, and discuss the changes that must be made to expand our profits. I am confident that you recognize the benefits of going forward with this idea, and I will see you on Friday to resolve any other concerns that you may have. Sincerely, Sales, Marketing Department

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