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August 12th, 1805

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We set out very early in the morning about 6:00am on the old, dusty Indian Road which led us through an open broken down, small country in a westerly direction. A long, deep valley appeared to our left at the base of very high range of the Rocky Mountains that extended from S.

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August 12th, 1805

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. to N. W. The mountains were beautiful the sides were covered up with pine trees, and the mountain tops were partially covered with snow. We walked down the road a while longer, and the road led us to a large creek. We saw some bushes of white maple, a small species with a winged rib, and a species of honeysuckle. We saw a hill in the distance, and it had a view of a very small valley to the left of us. After we stayed at the creek for a while longer, we had proceeded on the path up the Rocky Mountains. The path was dusty, and appeared to have been traveled on several times by both men and horses. We walked for hours, it was cold, and we didn't have much food but we made it to our destination safely. November 7th 1805 It was a very cloudy, foggy, and there was some rain. We set out early we proceeded on a path that we had been traveling on for a while now. The path is under high, rigid hills, the fog is thick and we can barely see across the river. Two canoes of Indians met and returned with us to their village which is situated behind a huge cluster of Marshey Islands. The Indians gave us fish to eat, and they gave us some more food for our journey. After staying at this village for only about an hour and a half, we set out to the main channel behind all the islands. Clark and I proceeded on about 12 miles below the village under a high mountainous country. We searched and searched for a camp clear of the tide. At the camp we found it has a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. We stayed there until the next day. In the morning when the fog cleared away we watched this Pacific Ocean which we had been so anxious to see. The wakes of the ocean would roar, and the waves would crash upon the shore. It was beautiful, the most jaw dropping ocean any of us had ever seen

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