Apple Board of Directors

Lydia Butler Board of Directors Apple A. Board of Directors 1. William V. Campbell Chairman Intuit, Inc. (external) 1983 Tim Cook CEO Apple (internal) 2011 Millard S. Drexler Chairman and Chief Executive Officer J. Crew (external) 1999 Albert Gore, Jr. Former Vice President of the United States (external) 2003 Andrea Jung Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Avon Products, Inc. (external) 2008 Arthur D. Levinson, Ph. D. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Genentech, Inc. (external) 1980 Ronald D. Sugar, Ph. D. Former Chairman and CEO Northrop Grumman Corporation (external) 2010 2.

Members of the board do in fact own stock in Apple including Tim Cook who was given 1 million shares when he became CEO. 3. From research online I found that most Board members had a mix of both public and restricted stock depending on the person. 4. All of the board members are seasoned CEO’s of their own corporations, many of which have been the best of their expertise for decades and served on many other boards. 5. The year each member of the board joined is adjacent to their names. 6. Members of the board do not only “rubber stamp” management decisions but are also excited to use their talents and ideas to further better the company.

For example, in his bio on Apple. com, it is stated about that Ron Sugar that: “In addition to having been the CEO of a high-tech Fortune 100 company, Ron has a Ph. D. in engineering and has been involved in the development of some very sophisticated technology. ” CORPORATE GOVERNANCE A. Board of Directors 1. Who is on the board? Are they internal or external members? 2. Do they own significant shares of stock? 3. Is the stock privately held or publicly traded? Are there different classes of stock with different voting rights? 4.

What do the board members contribute to the corporation in terms of knowledge, skills, background, and connections? If the corporation has international operations, do board members have international experience? 5. How long have members served on the board? 6. What is their level of involvement in strategic management? Do they merely rubber-stamp top management’s proposals, or do they actively participate and suggest future directions? You have a good start here, but additional information and research would have been nice to see. Be sure to provide and cite your references. 80/100

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