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Animal Testing Should Be Banned

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Throughout history, animal experimentations have played an important role in leading to new discoveries and human’s benefits however what many people tend to forget about the millions and millions of animals that are getting tortured and even killed during the process of these painful and deadly experiments. Animal testing goes through many factors to make sure the medicine/ cosmetic products are safe for humans at the cost of taking their innocent life, many people seemed to misunderstand the animal’s nature and the laboratory procedures and techniques that are executed on the animals, the procedure they have to go through are cruel and are unreliable, luckily there are more humane alternatives than animal testing that is proved to be working and also cost-efficient. I assume many of you reading this have pet like cats, dogs, fish, rabbits and mice’s, imagine yourself as your pet, getting taken away from your home where you feel welcome and loved with your family to get locked up in a small metal cage with little to no room to move about then put up to miserable pain for the rest of your life until you die. You wouldn’t like that, would you?

Do animals have similar emotions and physical feeling than humans? Yes animals do have the similar emotions and physical feelings to humans that why they use the animals because then they will know how it will work on and human and if they get any reactions from all the medical things they are using and to make sure it is safe for humans to use but why use animals they are just like us but in a smaller form of a human. For its instances it's like taking a human and testing all these harmful things on us/them just to see if it would be okay for the whole world to use these things such as make-up the number one thing a girl uses they aren't going to like it if the makeup they like can't be used because it is harmful to a human. That doesn't mean you use a living animal just to make it right.

It is estimated that each year there is about 26 million animals across the United States are used for animal testing. They use animals are part of their research to test scientific developments and commercial products. They use new medical treatments to test on animals just to see if they are safe to uses on humans and to make sure they had the right things it as well. The healthcare and commercial also turn to animals testing as a safety net. There is also the 95% of the drugs that are used on animals and that that is proven to be safe for human use isn't always true and fails on humans who use it. Also, the USA spends $16 billion which is equivalent to around £13 billion pounds and this is just for making it right for us humans to use in our everyday life.

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Still, other people think that animal testing is acceptable because animals are a lower species than human and that’s why they use them cause they have no rights to say anything because they can't speak or anything. Also, animals are just like humans they have feelings, thoughts, needs, desires, and goals that are similar to human capacities. Therefore, animals lives should not be taken but they should be respected because they have the right to be treated just like everything else in life. The harm that is committed to an animal should not be minimized because they are not considered to be “human”.

Animals testing helps save human lives by testing products on animals to make sure it is safe for humans to use, by this fact people often think animal testing is a good thing due to it saves lives at the cost of the animal's lives, If we were not allowed to test on animal then how would we know what was safe for us humans to use and what isn't safe for us to use in our daily lives. Also, the testing helps with our pets and their vaccines are also what they test to they know if it will work on them because if we couldn’t use the produced we wanted because of all the animal testing. Without anima, testing we would not have the cure for the disease such as diabetes and asthma and we wouldn’t be able to develop vaccines to prevent illnesses like polio.

In conclusion, you should try to minimize the number of animals that are used each year because it violates animals rights and it causes suffering and pain to the animals guess so we as the human race are able to use the products safely without any cause of harm

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