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An Essay on the Psychological Importance of First Impressions

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In today's wired society it important that you make a good impression with whomever you come in contact with. It has become more important because we as a people are now relying on other means of communication, such as...pagers, cellular phones and two-way radios. So that the face to face physical contact is now become more increasingly rare. In the article the author addresses the importance of the presentation of self. He indicates that the first impression is one in which will help determine, many of the relationships which you encounter because of the vitality of time. The author stresses the fact that people in general have developed into almost two beings, who they are at work, and who they are around their friends. The working version of you might come to work dressed in a button down suit with dress shoes. The reason in which you were dressed this way is in order to portray yourself as a businessman, and a professional. However, when you are around your friends you may wear a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes. People also tend to use a different language away from the workplace. They become less constrained by sentence structure and formality. They also tend to incorporate more and more ‘slang’ terms into the context of their conversations. In my own personal life find almost everything that the author addresses to be true. When am at work have to dress in old jeans and a t-shirt because am a painter. Many times find myself going through the drive through at lunch time in order to avoid face to face contact with anyone because always worry in the back of my mind what impression complete strangers are going to get of me. Even when it is time to go back to class change clothes, although have been in class with these people for almost two months because just might run into someone have not met, or that have not seen in a while.

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