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The Importance of the First Impressions of Playa Azul

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How long does it take to make a first impression? There are some answers that it only takes seven seconds or a day to make an opinion about something but it all depends on the person. The first impression of Playa Azul was it was good-natured. The service was helpful, the food was splendid and the mood was friendly. The staff was thoughtful. They were skillful in their job. When the server brought the food on the tray it was balanced perfectly. They would know when we needed a refill and they would dash back to the table. Staff were knowledgeable about the menu. When we had questions about the food they would explain what it was and what type of ingredients they used. In addition they did not stutter or have a blank expression on their face when they answered. The staff preserved a spotless place to dine. After the customers leave they would clean the tables when they were done the tables were sparkling clean and they would collect the trash that was on the floors to keep it tidy. The restroom had an aroma of fresh roses and the area was well-kept. The service was fantastic with its responsible and respectful staff. The meal was pleasurable. They first served the chips and salsa that were enjoyable. The chips had a crispy and crunchy taste it also had a flavor of corn. The salsa had a smooth texture and it had some spice. The main meal was the shrimp fajitas that were sizzling as they brought it out on the skillet. The blazing skillet had transformed the onions, peppers, and shrimp into gorgeously browned color.

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The first bite made the taste buds dance around the mouth. The shrimp was tender with amazing seasons. Furthermore the vegetables were all cooked excellent. For desert was an appetizing cake. On top of the cake were strawberries that were sweet, delicious and fresh. The cake was rich, soft and a delightful taste. The food was amazing from the first bite to the last. The atmosphere had a welcoming feeling. The furniture was amusing to look at. The chairs were all bright colors with different designs of cravings and the sits felt like feathers. There was a variety of images from birds to fish it also showed people that represent parts of Mexico on the table. Also the walls were intriguing to look at. There were several objects that hanged on the wall there was hats to instruments on the wall. In fact the most interesting item was of a painting of an old men looking at the ocean while on top of a cliff. The painting expressed that the old men had experience life not because of his age but from his caring smile. It felt relaxing to be in the restaurant. The lighting was not too bright and the temperature was cool. In the back ground there was mariachi music playing. The vibes of the place made it prefect place to be in. The first impression is very important because it determines if someone comes back. Playa Azul had an impression that was good-natured. The service was thoughtful, the food was delicious and the atmosphere had a welcoming feeling. For us it was hard to leave because of the experience. They know how to treat the customer right. They did their best to make the finest food and it showed when eating the food. They accomplished in making the mood feel welcoming by having all the right conditions. We would return again to have the same experience

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