Buddy Boyles First Impressions in the Book Gentlehands by M.E.Kerr

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In the book Gentlehands. Buddy Bovle is faced with many first impressions from different characters that he interacts with. Some of these first impressions are accurate and truthful, yet others are just merely a disguise for the real person underneath. In this novel, Buddy learns how hard it is to go against a certain impression he obtained from a character in the book after he has already got to know the person. For Buddy this is the most difficult idea to comprehend yet if he doesnt soon, he will regret everything he had trusted within that person. Out of all of the first impressions Buddy is confronted with, grandpa Trenker has the most perplexing one of all.

At first, Buddy only has the influence of his mother and fathers perspective towards him from the past experiences his mother had as a child. Buddy visits his grandfather for the second time in his life with Skye Pennington, his girlfriend. On that very night, Buddys impression of grandpa Trenker is not of his parents perspective, but of his own. He gets the idea that grandpa is a warm and loving man who loves to tend to his garden and take care of hurt animals. Buddy grows deeper into this impression and soon enough has such a strong confidence that he begins to go against his own parents and friends when an evil rumor about grandpa Trenker evolves. As Buddy later finds out, this evil rumor was actually a horrific truth. Grandpa was an S.S. officer during WWII named Gentlehands. Even though its too late, Buddy finally realizes that even though grandpa was loving and generous towards everyone, he was still known as the evil S.S. officer Gentlehands.

Buddys first impression of this loving man has now turned sour due to this horrific truth, which he had tried so hard to ignore. Another first impression that was misleading for Buddy was that of DeLucas. When Buddy first met DeLucca, he got the impression that DeLucca was some reporter that was trying to uncover some kind of secret money laundering scandal that the Penningtons were involved with. Again, Buddy was misled. Later on in the novel he finds out that DeLucca is Jewish and had a cousin in WW Il that died because of Gentlehands actions. This seems a little suspicious after he sees DeLuccas car parked down on the beach in back of grandpa Trenkers house considering grandpa was an S.S officer in WWII. Then when DeLucca comes out and publishes a story in the newspaper, claiming grandpa to be the S.S. officer Gentlehands, Buddy is for sure convinced that DeLuca had the wrong man.

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As the novel leads on, it is uncovered that grandpa Trenker was that S.S. officer and that DeLucca was right after all. Buddy then feels bad for blaming DeLucca and informs him on the whereabouts of Gentlehands and Renner, his accomplice. Buddy now realizes that DeLucca was only a man trying to find the man who killed his cousin, not to ruin Buddy and his familys life. Another deceiving first impression Buddy came across was from Skye Pennington. Now in the beginning of the novel Buddy has already met Skye and is going on a date that night with her. As he gets to know Skye, she seems to be very intellectual and articulate but Buddy does not think that he suits this type of girl. He starts to feel uncomfortable in the type of lifestyle Skye has and soon starts to question himself about whether or not he was made for her. Later on, he begins to relax and finally realizes that Skye is a lot more laid back and down to earth about the whole situation. This comforts Buddy to know that she is just as proud to be his girlfriend as he is to be her boyfriend. I think out of all of the characters that Buddy had false first impressions from, Skyes was the most comforting.

Throughout our lives, we leam how to tell the truth apart from a lie. But when it comes to first impressions, you can be fooled either way. The only way to find out the real person inside is to get to know them. That may sound easy, but for Buddy Boyle, many characters in which he got to know deceived him. He was both deceived in good and bad ways but all of which he learned a lesson. The lesson may come from an old proverb, to never judge a book by its cover. In that proverb it refers for you to not judge someone by his or her outward appearance, but it may also mean to not judge a persons character by the way they act or how u perceive them with their first impression. This has completely changed Buddys outlook on how much and what to expect from somebody on the first impressions he will receive.

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