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Agriculture in Jesus’ Time

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The land of Jesus, the Promised Land (one name amongst many) is very well known by our people. During the time of Jesus, we were accustomed to walk from city to city because the area was so small, stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to the eastern border. We farmers took care of the land and made it blossom into the beautiful land it is today.

Palestine holds amazing beauty that astonishes everyone who sees it. Our hills stretch across the plains with gracious lush sides. In comparison, our lakes, deserts, and forests are also astonishing. As beautiful as our land is, our climate can be frightening. One hot day and a freezing night to follow is what you might expect in our land. Today, temperatures during the day may reach seventy-two degrees, but don’t be fooled. Try visiting the barren of the Dead Sea; don’t be surprised at the 122 degree weather. With such temperatures, our water source is scarce. We treasure the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee, for its beauty of course, but also because of or lack of water.

Bread and wine is extremely important in Palestine. We value the bread and hold it sacred to our people. Jesus revealed himself when identifying a relationship between him and the bread. The wine is made from the fruit of the vine, grapes. Again, Jesus declared himself as the true vine, forming another close and sacred relationship between him and the wine.

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Agriculture in Jesus’ Time

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Our animals ware great. Animals such as the donkey are very important to our people because of their capability to withstand our everyday chores. A donkey, with its high value, is never to be eaten or offer up in sacrifice. We have many beautiful animals, both domestic and wild, that roam our lands, such as lions and porcupines.

As a farmer, our jobs are to take care of the crops for the making of the bread because it is very important. We harvest the grain between the months of March and May. The rest of the year we make the bread for the people of our village.

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