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About Employment

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Although the attraction for foreign employment is increasing everyday, employment is not safe, secured and managed well. Skilled and trained manpower appropriate to the nature and requirement of foreign demand are not available.

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About Employment

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. Because of this, foreign countries are getting on one hand cheap labor and on the other Nepalese working abroad are not getting rights and honorable jobs. This has compelled Nepalese people to sell their labour at a throw away price whereas they have to invest a lot of money.

Foreign Employment Act 2064 has clearly made a legal provision for sending Nepalese for foreign employment. But, this act is not correctly implemented. Various foreign employment services are in operation without government permission. Brokers are taking advantage of the simple and innocent people and cheating them badly. It is a pity that even those who have gone through resistered agencies and also having required skill, training and knowledge are not getting good jobs and salary.

Not only this, there are many instances when such labour forces have returned prematurely not having required qualifications, ability, skills and knowledge suitable for these jobs offered. This is indeed a big and serious challenge. There is a need of legal, technical and professional training for these people so that they can meet the challenges and can take benefit of the advantages of the opportunities available in the market. Technically trained, skilled and competent people can compete with others and secure right jobs, which fetch them good salary.

There is also need of providing them accidental and life insurance to make their life more secured. The demand for Nepalese workers is increasing greatly. The Three Year Interim Plan has provision to have labour contract with those countries where there are a large number of Nepalese working. This indicates that the opportunities for employment are increasing day by day. According to the government reports, more than one billion rupees remittances are earned every year from foreign employment.

This has largely contributed to national economy. Many factories and industries are established from such money which helps in generating local employment and revenues. However, continuous fleeing of trained and skilled human power would adversely affect in their own economic development. They should gradually bring down the number of out going labour force. The country’s development is own development. It is a fact that one gets due respect only when his own country is developed.

Those Nepalese working in other countries as Bahadur and Kanchhas are giving their sweat and blood for the development of other countries. Whereas it is sad to say that Nepal remains always poor, underdeveloped and backward. For this, they (Nepalese) have to get appropriate training, knowledge, skills and contribute to their own economic development. We should love our own country and foster patriotic feeling among us

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