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Employment and Successful Pharmaceutical Company

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According to one of PharmaCare’ patient:” PharmaCare is the BEST place to buy prescription drugs. In addition, to the excellent service by the workers at PharmaCare, you get a discount every time you purchase drugs. Cut you prescription cost now, buy at PharmaCare. ” PharmaCare is an independent pharmacy chain based in Bel Air, Maryland. Pharmacare serves patients with traditional needs in addition to patients with special needs, such as psychiatric, substance abuse, HIV, and oncology patients. With its high customer service standards and a caring culture, Pharmacare is emerging as a regional leader.

The stakeholders within PharmaCARE are all the individuals and groups that are affected by the company’s decisions. The stakeholders in this scenario include PharmaCARE, a successful pharmaceutical company, CompCARE, a subsidiary of PharmaCARE, Wellco, a large drugstore chain, the employees of the various companies, the African nation of Colberia and the Colberians. All of these stakeholders have a stake in the outcome. PharmaCARE is a successful pharmaceutical company that prides itself on being a reputable, caring and ethical company that enhances the quality of life for millions of people.

However, if we take a close a look of Pharmacare way of doing business, we will understand that the company actually only cares about its profit margin. Many of the social problems in Colberia are caused by PharmaCare. PharmaCare actually destroyed the habitat and endangered the native species through extensive activities and business practices. PharmaCARE’s treatment of the people of Colberia is immoral, unethical and socially irresponsible. They are taking advantage of Colberia’s low standard of living and economic plight.

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These people are simply trying to earn a living. At the same time, the executives are living in the lap of luxury. The answer whether Allen could legally fire each of the three workers: Donna, Tom, and Ayesha is definitely no. I do believe that these employees are protected by the public policy exception of the employee-at-will doctrine. “Employers should not be allowed to use their economic power over employees in a way that undermines the interests of the community or that is injurious to the public good.”

If we analyze each case we will see that Allen has no legal right to fire Donna who filed for work compensation because her sickness is due to work conditions. The same would definitely go for Tom. Furthermore, we can say every employee has the right to file a complaint with Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Donna, Tom and Ayesha are all rank and file workers that have experienced negative conditions and situations at their place of work.

Ayesha’s situation is kind a different though because she would have to prove that her ethnicity, race and or beliefs have kept her away from being promoted instead of her lack of management. I do believe that she could be fired under the employment at will doctrine which allows an employer to fire anyone at anytime without reason. If I were Allen, I would make sure that all work orders are documented. Documents should specify that effort has been made If I were Allen I would consult with Human Resource and make sure all incidents at work are documented.

The documentation needs to show that effort has been made to correct any safety violations. Allen needs to document and make sure his interviews with Ayesha were documented and that reviews of Ayesha’s work has been documented. Manager’s should make notes specifically about them and their work habits that support their skills or lack of certain skills so any claims of discrimination cannot support why an employee was not promoted or hired. Allen could definitely make sure that work orders are made to correct the mold problem in the facility.

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