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The movie also makes It easier to understand the different ethical systems by relating each system to a character portrayed In it. During the duration of World War II, the players of major league baseball were drafted. As a result, the ML used females to fill the teams to keep the American pastime alive. This essay will analyze some of the main characters of A League of Their Own from an ethical standpoint.

Rockford Peaches

Dotted Hanson best relates to utilitarianism. Throughout the movie, Dotted was constantly striving to do the right thing, not necessarily thinking about the outcome, but just wanted to be an all-around good person. For example, she wanted to show off as much as possible to reporters and the media in order to keep the women's league around much longer after the war ended so many of the players could keep their jobs. The other mall character, Jimmy Dugan, played by actor Tom Hanks, was the manager of the Rockford Peaches.

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Although he was portrayed early on as rude and arrogant, he eventually had a change of heart. With that In mind, Jimmy Dugan can be mostly associated with the ethics of virtue because this system is not based on one's actions, but the moral character of that person. We can see that deep down, he is a very caring person. However, sometimes his actions do not display the truth of his personal moral character. Next is Doris Murphy, who is played by Rosier O'Donnell. This character best portrays ethical formalism because of the constant intent to do good deeds.

For the most part, she would conduct herself in a positive way to everyone. For example, when her teammate, Mae, was upset because of the proposal of shutting down the female league, Doris stood up for her friend and defended her, not for appraise, but because she knew it should be done. Doris' teammate, Mae Mortal was played by Madonna. Mae best describes natural law because of her moral principles. When the possibility off league shut-down came about, Mae stayed firm In her beliefs of not wanting to go ace to her former life of dancing provocatively.

Natural law can apply to anyone who continually keep their principles upheld. The recruiter of the players, Ernie Caption, was played by Jon Loving. Although a smaller role, he is portrayed as an arrogant and self-centered, thinking mainly of himself. For this reason, he best illustrates the egoism system. When Kit and Dotted were willing to stay behind for Marl, Ernie made it clear he was there specifically to finish his job, whether that would be with or without the girls.

Air Loneliness, played by David Stratum, is one character who really tries to keep the league going for everyone involved. In this case, this character can relate to the ethics of care. Although Air is not motherly Like some may associate this system with, he Is still caring enough and emotionally Invested In the girls to fight to keep the league alive. Each of these roles helped explain a different system of ethics.

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