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World development

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There are different functional areas or departments in a business to ensure everything runs efficiently. Even in small businesses different key tasks need to be done regularly this may be carried out by 2 or 3 different people doing various tasks or in a big business such as Tesco or Sainsbury one department may consist of up to several people. Functional areas also vary for different businesses such as retailer do not have the need for the production function. The purpose of having different functional areas are so that each one of them can be carried out efficiently it also helps them achieve their aims and objectives as different departments have different aims and objectives. There are many different departments or functional areas in a business they are:

Administration - This department is a support function that is needed by all businesses, they carry out a wide range of tasks which can be simple like opening mail, filing documents and sending email and faxes but it also includes more original and flexible tasks, such as arranging travel or important events, from staff meetings to visits by foreign customers. Poor or sloppy administration can be disastrous for a company's image and reputation as mistakes such as a lost order, badly typed letter, important message that is not passed on or wrong date scheduled for a meeting can cause problems and may lose customers.

A good administration department means that everything runs smoothly and managers can concentrate on the task of running the business. In a small organisation, an administrator is often a 'jack-of-all-trades' who can turn a hand to anything - from checking and paying invoices to keeping the firm's website up to date. In a larger firm administration may be carried out in every department, rather than just one. A sales administrator may make overseas travel arrangements whereas an administrator in human resources would arrange job interviews. Some of the main tasks carried out by administrators are:

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Collecting, distributing and dispatching the mail Storing and retrieving paper and electronic records Organising meetings and preparing meetings documents Responding promptly to enquiries  Preparing documents using word processing, spreadsheet and presentation packages, such as PowerPoint Researching information  Sending and receiving messages by telephone, fax and email  Making arrangements for visitors.

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