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Why Money Can’t Buy Happiness

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Money. What comes to your mind first? It's a word we all hear. We use it all the time, from the food we eat, our homes and the clothes we buy. Money is everywhere. But imagine, if we were in a world with no money. What would the world be like? Would you be happy? Would you be content with your life if you couldn't afford any fancy food, a humongous house or designer clothing? How would you feel? Now imagine happiness. I know it's a hard word to describe but hopefully, we've all experienced it. A lot of things can make you happy: fun, friends and family and many other sorts of things. Happiness may come across as a simple feeling, but its valuable; precious. So, can money buy you happiness? Can happiness be brought?

I know many of you will be sitting here thinking that money can buy happiness. But for one second just stop and think, true love, friendship, family. They can't be brought with money; not unless you pay someone to be your friend. However, what amount of money will buy you a true friend? Actually, possessing a lot of money may actually attract fake friends. They won't care about you. All they care about is your money and what you spend on them. Although they may seem like your true close friends who you will always be able to rely on, trust and ask for help, one day you will find out their true colours and that they were only your friend for money. Many friendships have probably been destroyed because of money. Believe me, that won't give you happiness.

That would probably destroy it. Money can't even buy family or true love as well no matter how rich you are. If some of you here are disagreeing with this, then picture this: you are one of the richest people in the world but you have no family to talk to, no spouse or friends. No offence but your life would be sad, lonely and depressing. You wouldn't want that, would you? You would have no one to talk to, no one to go anywhere with, in fact, no one to do anything with. The most upsetting thing is that money will never be able to buy you your family or true love. It's something that is one of a kind and should be valued. Love and friendship are a part of your happiness and it is something that no sum of money will be equal to.

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Furthermore, money still can't buy you happiness as no matter how much money you have, you will always want more. It will never be enough. It's just human nature. According to research, if a person wants something and they get after physiologically, they will then want something that is better than that. If you think buying one pair of shoes will make you pleased and content, well then you are right, but after, you will wish for a hundred more pairs of shoes that are hundred times better. Perhaps, a couple of years ago, you probably thought that a hundred pounds will suffice but now, a couple thousand pounds may be nowhere near enough for some. Can't you just see that no matter how much of something you have, it would still not meet your expectations? That is the exact same with money. Money can certainly buy you things that you desire but the greed to want more will not keep you happy for long. Money may give you happiness, but not for long. It will only give temporary happiness.

On the other hand, many of you will be agreeing with the fact that money can buy you happiness as you buy anything at any time. For example, if you have no money you would tend not to but the items you love due to the high costly prices. You may then have to wait until next month where you will have to try to buy it again. However, if you have the money, you don't have to wait to buy anything. In fact, you can buy it immediately. Why wait when you can get it now? When you have money, you can buy what you want, where you want, when you want. There's no one stopping you. So getting your luxurious items to form your high-end shops can actually give happiness and that satisfaction in life that you now have what you want. So if you think about it, money can buy you happiness as money can buy you things that can make you happy.

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