Why gun laws are important to the U.S.A

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As the only country that guns are legalized, the United States of America has given the liberty to its people to own guns in order to protect themselves in case of emergency. Hence, to own a gun is considered to be an American right to be a citizen of the U. S. A. This right was protected by The Second Amendment of the united States constitution, where It Is mentioned that people do have right to possess and use fire arms and ammunitions.

However, in order to have restriction on gun owners, government has introduced Federal Gun Laws as well as the State laws for gun extraction, in comparison of two laws, the federal laws seemed to be completed and have more restrictions on the behavior of people, where as the state laws do vary from state to states, and most of the state laws are not too strict. Second Amendment, 2014) When the citizenry gain control on fire arms, the safety of the individual house hold tend to increase, in the detail paragraphs more will be discussed on the same topic. Despite all the gun caused tragedies, I believe that gun possession should not be held responsible of death caused in the general public, as UN Is not the only tool that causes tragedy, therefore It Is merely a ways but not the solely cause. Further more, due to legalization of guns In the U. S. He sales of guns have always being a Income for the country, hence denying the right to own guns can be as bad as denying the Income of the government; In addition, some of the heavy industries that are mainly in to the production of firearms faces bankruptcy in times that the nation do not need that much of weapons; hence due the consumption abilities generated by the citizens of the United States of America(Annually overspent receives $6 billions estimated revenue on firearms etc), this country is not likely to be affected by situations as such.

In other aspect the income can be positively maintained while avoiding such tragic situation. (Sunburn, J, 2012) There are plenty of reasons to encourage the Second Amendment of the United States of America, the fore and most important factor of legalization of guns Is to protect people sudden dangers and unexpected circumstances In which people will expose to dangers that can be as bad as ruling their lives while unable to do anything about it.

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The fundamental theory or ideology for this idea to thrive is that, it is not that everybody can get a body guard or a police man to stay with you 24, 7. Therefore, if a burglar broke into your house and was about to harm your family, and if you call the police, they would need time to come to you, but the problem is on their arrival it would be too late to save anybody, therefore if you possess a gun, it would mean a lot, at least you can scare off the burglar.

Similarly, in this society, people may face different problems that may cause them to be mentally ill, hence hey might start a mass shooting scene, however, if other people could have guns with them, then they could stop the mad man before he could hurt anyone. On the other hand, I do believe that firearms are not the fundamental cause of violence, because It Is not true that people can get killed only by guns, and gun Itself can not kill. Therefore, the orally of the violence Is not on fire weapons and ammunitions, but people.

According too news published on Forbes in the year 201 3 Jan 1st by inappropriate. According to Swinger's analysis, the rights that are granted for the tizzies should not be denied because another one has committed a crime while using that right, because everyone of us is unique and would not lead a life of another existing living body, hence it is not Just and wrong for the government to intervene in such situation, as in a man's life the only thing that you can deprive him of is the liberty that he has, and rights are considered to be liberty.

Secondly, Swanker also argued that a concealed pistol would do no harm to anybody around it, unless it is drawn and used, therefore if any one would own a gun for safety reposes, it is not an evidence that can be taken to charge the owner that he or she is going to committee a crime with that weapon. (Swanker, H, 2013) In addition to the benefits of gun legalization, the economy of the country can be maintained its statues which is lucrative to become even better. According to relevant studies done by P.

Brad who has had written an article on Washington post, in the year 2012 the United States of America's gun industry expects a profit approximately $998 million to be deposited for the country, which really matters a lot or a country development. As a result, we can see that when possession, purchase and usage of firearms are declared to be constitute, the economy of the country would gradually expand, therefore I myself can not see any drawbacks may caused due to this decision by all means.

Statically it is too proven that, out of 100% of the firearm products, 15% would belong to the law enforcement and 25% belong to the military purposes, while other 60% of the market was distributed among the citizens in the USA, hence we are clear that citizens indeed need guns for their own retention, and at the same time the US government could also thrive. (P.

Brad, 2012) In order to finish up with this assignment, I would like to emphasis again that the fundamental cause of legalization of gun is for the protection purpose of the individuals, as when they are exposed to urgent danger, and time would not be sufficient to wait for the police officer to arrive. Hence, it is very practical to own a gun to deal with such situations.

However, I insist that firearms are tools for people to achieve certain deeds, and it can not kill or harm anybody by itself, in case that regarded may be caused by firearms, I believe that it is mainly caused by ill intentioned people, and it is the only situation that it may harm people. But though people may use guns to do crimes but guns are not responsible for such situation because the real wrongness is with people.

In short, there are plenty of rights and benefits that worth preserve by encourage the legalization of firearms. Finally, I appeal that citizenry should not be blamed with others wrong doing, and gun possession is their right, which should not be denied or abandoned, as it is their right to protect!

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