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Gun laws in the United States of America need to be altered in order to make American society safer. The Second Amendment of the Constitution reads “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. ” This means that from the point any American child is born they have the right to possess a gun and use it for their own safety. How can a child as young as the age of ten years old know the difference between using a gun for their safety and playing with a gun putting themselves into danger?

One state in America called Virgin has its very own law that every person must possess a gun. The law in the United States approves of blind men or woman having the right to possess a gun. If you are mentally affected you are also eligible to possess a gun. How can this be legal? Semi- automatic and automatic guns can be legally purchased in most US states by anyone who doesn’t have a violent criminal record. What is a violent criminal record? The law itself is not worded correctly. Semi-automatic guns are weapons which perform all steps necessary preparing the weapon to fire again after one shot.

Automatic guns are firearms which keep firing bullets until the trigger is released. Why should every day American citizens need these sorts of weapons to “protect themselves”? Ammunition for guns can be purchased at nearly every store around the United States including Kmart and even in a barbers shop. Not only are you able to buy ammunition for very powerful guns but you are also legally allowed to buy as many sets of ammunition as you desire. Seventeen cents is all you need to purchase one bullet in America.

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If Americans wanted fewer people dying from guns every year they would change the price and the fact that guns are so easy to access dramatically. If bullets were 7,000 dollars each they would be used more carefully. This would influence a massive change in people dying per year from “gun accidents” as Americans would become very cautious in using their ammunition wisely. In 1999 two boys, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold went on a shooting rampage at Columbine High School. They purchased their weapons legally from the local Kmart.

They used semi-automatic guns, shot guns and even possessed 99 explosives and 4 knives. They shot 900 rounds of ammunitions killing a total of 12 students and one teacher and then themselves. The massacre started a debate over gun laws and the availability of firearms to high school students. It resulted in an increase emphasis on school security. Students in American schools now must go through metal detector before entering their daily lasses. Security also checks for any sharp metal such as nail clippers but they do not focusing on the fact that guns are a large cause of death.

One child was suspended from his school because he was carrying around a stapler. Guns are still legally allowed in schools. 45% of US households have at least one gun. Around 59. 1 million adults in the United States own a gun. There is no law stating that you need to register your gun so it is impossible to know exactly who owns a gun and how many guns are being sold. 31,593 helpless lived were killed in 2011 by guns. This is a clear message. Guns are not doing any good. Therefore they should not be allowed. Guns should not be used to take others lives.

They should be used in the military to protect the country not to kill. They should be used for people that like to go hunting. Semi-automatic and automatic guns are not used to kill a dear so why are they allowed to be sold to any civilised person in the United States? It is said that the availability of a gun makes it more likely that you will have feelings of anger or thoughts of suicide. 381 people have died from gun shooting in Germany, 255 in France, 165 in the UK, 59 in Japan and 39 in Australia. Why is it that approximately 100,000 American people die every year from guns?

This is 300 people per day losing their lives because of guns. This is screaming out to Americans that they have to act now. Waiting another year is just losing 100,000 more lives. The news in America impacts greatly on the way society looks at their safety. The TV advertises violence sending a bad message across to any children in the United States. One hour before the Columbine shooting America bombed a school and a hospital in Iraq. This is not setting a good example. Changing the gun laws is a battle between freedoms and safety.

It is a battle between freedom for the American people as they have lived their whole lives with the idea that they are safe as they have possession of guns. They have grown up with parents teaching them how to use a gun and in many cases this can lead to good and bad. It can be bad because a child might accidently use a gun for the wrong reasons or their parents have taught them the wrong way of using one. Putting themselves into danger and for good as some families might be smart enough to tell their children there are other ways of protection over guns. It is a battle between safety for all the reasons above.

Guns have been seen to be used for nothing but bad in the past and this needs to change. 20 people in America are dying every single hour from a gun. This is not only telling us that they are not used for safety precautions but it is telling us that the American citizens are not very educated in their actions and the way they act. Most Americans might be very good at handling guns and not using them for the worse but to think that so many are dying from one machine and nothing is changing is not good at all. In Australia around about 65 people are killed by guns every year.

In America around about 11,127 people are killed by guns every year. 40% of guns sold are not sold without a background check. This means that people with criminal records are easy accepted to own a gun when they are said not to be. The Law says that is you have a criminal record you are unable to possess a gun but many Americans are still easily getting one. This is a wakeup call. America should not be allowing possession of guns for the safety of their own country. Where there are more guns, there are more deaths. America has to start acting now before another 100,000 people are dead.

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