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The Person Whom I Like Most

The person whom I like most Life is very difficult. Once it brings us happy. Once it brings us worry.

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Those are the ways of life. The personnel who live with us change their behavior according to situations. Most of people like to share only happiness. When we happened to face worry they simply escaped. But I met one person in this world being with me happy, as well as worry. She was not any other than my mother. Name of my mother is D. M. Bandaramanike. She was born in my village too. She was a grate mother for seven children.

I think it is a pleasure to be one of them. Now, my mother is passing her Sixty Seven year of age. But she is in a good health. Still she is doing her all works herself. I was able to succeed a lot of goals in my life. I think, I am a perfect man than others in this world. Today I am satisfied with my education, knowledge and position that I have in this society. I think, behind all these, was my mother. Her guidance made me a perfect man. She did not punish me in my life. She advised me to be a good man.

Her advice was not to learn everything in the books. She taught me if I could understand what happen “you are a good, intelligent man”. My aim is to be such kind of a person in this society. My mother gave me a lot of love, faith, kindness and such things. Those things helped me to succeed in my life. Now the time has come to give my love, faith and kindness to my mother. I hope to be friend for my mother. Today, that is my major responsibility I wish her, to be the mother forever. P. M. T. U. Bandara

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