Welfare Of Parkinsons Disease Sufferers Health And Social Care Essay

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Parkinson 's disease is a common disease confronting many older people across the universe. It affects the cardinal nervous system and it impairs cognitive procedures, motor accomplishments and other maps. This disease largely affects the older coevals and it manifests itself with symptoms which include rigidness, shudder, postural instability, awkwardness in motion and others. Other symptoms include sleep troubles, centripetal and autonomic disfunction. Parkinson 's disease has a high prevalence rate among older people with about 500,000 people enduring from the disease in the United States. In add-on, there are about 1 million people who suffer from the disease but they have non been diagnosed yet ( Oxtoby et. al. , 2004 ) . This makes Parkinson 's disease a serious unwellness which requires pressing intercessions by society.

Parkinson 's disease adversely affects the day-to-day life of people enduring from it since it affects their cognitive procedures or motor accomplishments. This makes most patients rely on household and friends for endurance. As a consequence, there are assorted plans which have been developed to provide for people enduring from the unwellness. This paper aims at analysing Parkinson 's disease including statistics and effects on patients. Assorted plans which cater for patients enduring from the disease will be discussed and farther intercessions needed to cut down inauspicious effects on society recommended. The discussed issues will be summarized at the terminal.

Statisticss, causality and intervention

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It has been stated that there are 500,000 people enduring from Parkinson 's disease in the United States and a farther 1 million who have the disease but who have non been diagnosed yet. The disease kills an norm of 14,000 people yearly in the US. In the UK, about 1 % of hospital audiences are for Parkinson 's disease and the average age of patients diagnosed with the disease is 65. Globally, it is estimated that about 10 million suffer from the disease although there are few statistics on Parkinson 's disease. The cause of the disease is non known although it has been linked with genetic sciences in some instances. It has besides been linked to exposure to some insect powders. Parkinson 's is normally diagnosed by a combination of methods. It is hard to name the disease utilizing pathological agencies and clinical trials are normally used in naming Parkinson 's. Neuro-imaging is besides another effectual manner of naming the upset. The disease is normally treated utilizing medicine although at some phases complications may happen as a consequence of trust on medicine. Treatment techniques include the usage of MAO-B inhibitors, Dopastat agonists and L-dopa. Rehabilitation and diet have besides been seen to assist in alleviating symptoms. In utmost instances, encephalon stimulation and surgery is used to alleviate symptoms of the disease.

Psycho-social challenges confronting affected patients

There are many challenges which patients who suffer from Parkinson 's face. Since the disease impairs cognitive procedures, motor accomplishments and other maps, it makes twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities hard to execute. Acts which many people take for granted such as speaking, walking, bathing, bathroom control, memory and others, may all of a sudden turn out disputing for Parkinson 's patients to execute. This may do them societal loads who require round the clock attending from their households or wellness attention practicians. Many patients particularly those who are hapless or marginalized are normally unable to entree such attention and they are left to endure on their ain. However, there are assorted groups and undertakings which are developed to provide for patients who can non entree effectual attention. Patients enduring from symptoms of the disease may besides be unable to keep nice employment chances due to hapless cognitive and motor accomplishments as a consequence of the disease. Inability to keep employment makes such patients dependent on others. Patients who do non hold household and friends who may care for them normally do non hold entree to basic demands including wellness attention due to miss of employment. However, these excessively can profit from several plans which have been created to provide for patients enduring from the disease across the US.

Another psycho-social challenge confronting many Parkinson 's patients is deficiency of entree to effectual wellness attention services. Many patients do non hold support from household and friends and they besides do non hold employment chances. As a consequence, they are unable to afford wellness attention insurance to pull off their status and this worsens their symptoms ( Grimes, 2004 ) . If the disease is left untreated for a long clip, such patients are exposed to human death. This may explicate the high figure of people who succumb to Parkinson 's disease which can be managed through intervention. In add-on, there is a high degree of psychological agony particularly for patients in the late phase of the unwellness. Such patients suffer from altered relationships, low ego regard, loss of liberty, societal isolation among other effects. These have an inauspicious consequence on mental wellness and they may take to the development of other mental unwellnesss such as psychosis. It is hence of indispensable importance that a remedy is found for the unwellness. This may merely be achieved through research.

Research undertakings on Parkinson 's disease

There are assorted researches which have been conducted in order to understand the most effectual manner to name and handle the disease. In a research by Columbia University, 100 people of who half suffered from Parkinson 's disease were studied for Dopastat degrees. The healthy population acted as the control group during research. The research findings showed that people enduring from Parkinson 's disease lose up to 70 % of Dopastat in the encephalon ( National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, 2011 ) . This determination was of import since it enabled scientists to develop new ways of naming the disease. They used PET imaging to mensurate Dopastat degrees and find if one suffers from Parkinson 's disease. Stimulation of these patients besides recorded improved motor working which is provides a footing for handling Parkinson 's patients.

In another research projected undertaken by the National Institute of Health, three households of Grecian and Italian beginnings which suffered from Parkinson 's disease were studied. The scientists aimed at happening out if genetic sciences is a causality of Parkinson 's disease. The research findings showed that in all households, there was a mutant of the cistron alpha-synuclein. This determination proved to be of import since it linked genetic sciences to the development of Parkinson 's disease. It besides encouraged scientists to further analyze the function of alpha-synuclein in development of Parkinson 's disease. Research findings on the impact of this cistron may organize the footing of developing a remedy for the disease. However, farther research on the disease is necessary in order to develop an effectual remedy.

Successful community based plans for Parkinson 's disease patients

There are assorted successful plans which have been developed to provide for patients enduring from Parkinson 's disease. Some of these plans will be briefly discussed below ;

American Parkinson 's Disease Association

This group was founded in 1961 with the aims of easing loads of Parkinson 's sick persons and developing a remedy for this unwellness. It has its central offices in New York and the organisation undertakes several enterprises to help in forestalling and handling the disease ( American Parkinson 's Disease Association, 2011 ) . It has subdivisions in several provinces and the organisation provides attention to patients across America who suffer from Parkinson 's disease. It is chiefly funded by both the authorities and the private sector. This organisation has helped over 1 million patients to day of the month and this figure is bit by bit increasing. The APDA organisation provides financess for research on the disease in attempts to develop remedy. Already, over $ 1 billion has been used in this enterprise to day of the month. The organisation besides provides support for patients who suffer from the upset. It provides medical aid through associating patients with qualified wellness attention professionals and guaranting that medical costs are paid. This is normally aimed at supplying the hapless and marginalized people with no entree to wellness insurance with an chance to entree high quality intervention. Finally, the APDA organisation strives to educate the populace on the presence of Parkinson 's disease in society and how to care for patients enduring from the disease. This is a really of import enterprise since it ensures that patients have moral and physical support from their friends, households and society at big.

Columbia Parkinson 's Support

This organisation was developed to supply information, support, consciousness and instruction on Parkinson 's disease. It is run by voluntaries and it is a non-profit group entirely developed to provide for demands of Parkinson 's patients. Most of these voluntaries are patients who besides suffer from Parkinson 's. The group began runing in 1985 and it has helped over 5,000 Parkinson 's patients since so. Its chief aims are back uping patients enduring from Parkinson 's through fiscal or medical aid, set abouting research aimed at developing a remedy for the disease and sensitising the populace on the presence of the disease and how to care for patients who suffer from it ( Columbia Parkinson 's Support, 2011 ) . The CPS group holds treatments and forums one time a hebdomad in attempts to sensitise the populace on the disease. Although this is a comparatively little group with limited support, the members participate in clinical tests whenever an chance presents itself and this is an of import measure towards developing a remedy for the disease. The group sets aside $ 3,000 yearly for research intents on Parkinson 's disease. This group is funded by good wishers and members every bit good as other stakeholders. The local community besides plays a major function in raising financess to back up the cause of the CPS group.

Social intercessions which may assist pull off Parkinson 's disease

There are assorted intercessions which should be applied in order to assist pull off the effects of the disease in society. These intercessions will be briefly discussed below ;

Educating populace on the disease

Educating the populace on presence of the disease and how to care for patients who suffer from it is one of the most effectual ways of pull offing the disease. Patients who suffer from Parkinson 's require support from the household, friends and community at big ( Duvoisin & A ; Sage, 2001 ) . Increasing consciousness of the disease amongst the local community enables patients enduring from this disease to hold mental and physical support from society. It besides informs the populace on the symptoms and causes of the disease thereby encouraging cheque ups and early intervention on people enduring from symptoms of the disease.

More support for research on Parkinson 's disease

Although there are many installations which undertake research on Parkinson 's disease, most of these plans are under-funded. Many organisations and groups prefer funding research for diseases such as malignant neoplastic disease and diabetes which are viewed as more common and lifelessly. However, Parkinson 's disease is besides a serious disease which requires a similar degree of attending. More support should be provided by the authorities and private houses for research on the disease in order to develop an early remedy and salvage 1000000s of lives.

Bettering entree to healthcare insurance

There are more than 5 million people in the US who do non hold entree to wellness acre insurance. This is due to the high cost of insurance which is beyond their fiscal abilities. There are many people who suffer from Parkinson 's disease who fall in this bracket. Such patients are unable to entree medical attention to pull off the disease and this causes farther injury on their mental and physical wellness. Guaranting everyone has entree to wellness insurance is an effectual manner of contending the disease since it will promote early intercession and intervention thereby minimising the effects of the disease on society ( Michele, 2009 ) .

Execution of the intercessions

In order to efficaciously implement these intercessions, the authorities and private sector should organize a partnership. Partnership between the two would do support for Parkinson 's disease research and intervention easier. The community should besides be involved when implementing these intercessions. This is because patients require community support which may either be psychological or physical for their wellness to better. The authorities and local governments should guarantee that everyone has entree to wellness attention by cut downing wellness insurance costs and increasing support of wellness attention. This will guarantee that Parkinson 's disease is diagnosed and treated early for the bulk of patients.

Summary and decision

Assorted facets of Parkinson 's disease have been discussed in item. Parkinson 's is a common disease in the US and across the universe although it is mostly unmarked. Its cause is unknown and it has no remedy. Over 500,000 people have been diagnosed with Parkinson 's in the US and 1 million others have the disease but have non been diagnosed. The disease affects patients physically, mentally and socially since it affects cognitive procedures, motor accomplishments and other maps, doing twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities hard to execute. Patients who have been diagnosed with Parkinson 's disease suffer from psycho-social jobs such as inability to keep nice employment chances, deficiency of entree to effectual wellness attention services and psychological agony particularly for patients in the late phase of the unwellness.

Assorted groups such as Columbia Parkinson 's Support and American Parkinson 's Disease Association contribute to bettering the public assistance of patients through increasing consciousness of the disease, funding research on the unwellness and supplying medical and fiscal aid to patients. In order to pull off the unwellness, assorted intercessions should be implemented and these include educating populace on the disease, apportioning more support for research on Parkinson 's disease and bettering entree to healthcare insurance by patients. This will guarantee that early diagnosing and intervention of the disease is achieved and that fewer people succumb to the effects of the disease. However, farther research is needed to develop a remedy for Parkinson 's. Developing a remedy for the disease will salvage the lives of future coevalss.

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