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Development Of Coronary Heart Disease Health And Social Care Essay

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In this essay I will debate about the relationship between high blood pressure and type 2 mellitus diabetes ( T2DM ) . Hypertension has a taking factor to play in cardiovascular diseases ; high blood pressure and diabetes affect the vascular tree. Hypertension is a long lasting status which makes the blood force per unit area rise above the normal norm, 90 % of high blood pressure is indispensable they can be classed as two different types primary and secondary, when you get high blood force per unit area because of other factors such as the kidneys or tumours this is known as secondary high blood pressure. Type 1 Diabetes is when your organic structure fails to bring forth insulin and requires insulin to be injected. Type 2 diabetes is when the organic structure is n't utilizing insulin in a correct and most efficient manner. Atherosclerosis vascular disease is besides known as coronary artery disease ; this is the thickener of the arterias and builds up of fat stuffs like cholesterin. Connery bosom disease is when there is a obstruction in your Connery arterias because of fatty acids and stops the blood being pumped around the organic structure. The major factor to shots and bosom onslaughts is due because of relentless high blood pressure.

From the NHS web site I can find that Connery bosom disease is the biggest slayer in the UK, at least 300,000 people dice of Connery bosom disease every twelvemonth impacting 1 in every 4 work forces and 1 in every 6 adult females.

From the national UK nose count they say that the most common cause for the past 90 old ages has been Connery bosom disease, see table 1.1 ( from the tabular array you can see that in merely England and Wales disk shape disease is the most common. As age increases the opportunity of acquiring Connery bosom disease increases every bit good this is because of your immune system non working every bit good and because of the unhealthy life style being lived with non adequate exercising.

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Table 1.1

Connery bosom disease occurs when the Connery arteries subdivision of from the chief aorta this is merely above the aortal valve, when fatty acids build up in the blood vas walls and shorten the transition manner of the blood to flux through. From the NHS web site I can find that Connery bosom disease is the UK biggest slayer, around 300,000 people have a bosom onslaught each twelvemonth there is about 1 in 6 adult females deceasing from the disease and around 1 in 4 work forces. Connery bosom disease when there are big sums of cholesterin in your organic structure this can besides take to atherosclerosis. In the US these figures are a batch higher the hazard of holding |CHD over 40 is 49 % for work forces and 32 % for adult females there has been a lessening in the figure of deceases from CHD for people aged 65 and under. But for people over the age of 65 there is a lessening in the figure of people deceasing from CHD but it is well more that people aged 65 and under. This is due to the life manner people have changed over the old ages.

CHD decease rate as a per centum of 1980 rate among work forces and adult females aged 55-64 old ages in England and Wales 's clip p of 1980-1995

Type 2 diabetes can be genetically inherited non all is bad, some of them are good heritage they help forestall type 2 diabetes. A major factors for diabetes is obesity, from my statistics I can see that the national Centre for the wellness shows us that there is around 60 million corpulent people, this is because there is a higher hazard of insulin opposition because it interferes with the organic structure to utilize the insulin. The figure of kids with type 2 mellitus diabetes has besides increased. 90 % of people that have been diagnosed with type diabetes were overweight. There is excessively much fat in the organic structure and there is non adequate fiber and simple saccharides these all aid to the diagnosing of diabetes. Eating good and right can change by reversal these reactions and they can forestall type 2 diabetes. Peoples who have household diagnosed with type 2 diabetes have a greater hazard in developing it themselves. African Americans have a familial temperament towards type 2 diabetes. Age besides has a large part.

FIG 1.2 Diabetes is when there is an addition in glucose and it rises above the normal degree, type 2 diabetes can besides be inherited genetically non wholly inherited diabetes is bad because some aids to forestall diabetes. From the national wellness statistics I can see that there is around 60 million corpulent people, fleshiness has a immense contributing factor to diabetes, the larger a individual is the higher the opportunity of the insulin being wasted and insulin opposition, type 2 diabetes increases the opportunities of a cardio vascular bosom disease this is due to your bosom working harder to get the better of the little sums of glucose being turned into glucose. If there is high degree of glucose or even if there is non plenty in your organic structure for a long period of clip this can damage the blood vass and can take to bosom onslaughts, shots and hapless circulation.

Atherlersiosis is a status that hardens the arterias ; the arterias are blood vessles which carry rich O blood around your organic structure. The arterias harden due to the physique up of plaque this causes them to contract over clip and because of the arterias being narrowed there is less blood being pumped around the organic structure and to your bosom. The Plaque inside the Connery arterias is made up of fat, Ca and cholesterin, this status is known as coronary artery disease. This status causes the arterias to lose they elasticity ; this restricts the blood flow and causes high blood pressure which is addition of the blood force per unit area. This makes the arterial force per unit area to increase and causes the bosom musculus to work twice every bit difficult to pump the sum of blood a normal bosom would pump, these lending factors could take up to hold shots or even bosom onslaughts. Atherelerosis development is foremost when the fatty run is followed by the formation of plaque and so characterised of the increasing sum of macrophage and froth cells. Looking at FIG 1.3 you can see that A is a healthy arteria that would pump blood around the organic structure without a job, but from B you can see that there is a build up of plaque and this arteria would hold problem pumping blood about. Many people that have this status are incognizant but merely happen out after they have had a shot or a bosom onslaught, the chief intervention that is used for atherlerosis is to alter your life style, there are medical interventions and medical specialties that you can take to assist populate a healthier life style.

Type 11 mellitus diabetes ; high blood pressure is linked together and all lead up to impacting the bosom. Age has a major function to play as this is an uncountable factor by acquiring one of these status e.g. high blood pressure this may take to atherlerosocis. All 3 conditions play a major function in impacting the bosom and barricading the blood vass. First if type 11 mellitus diabetes is developed and non looked after and controlled the sum of glucose will lift, as the glucose rises this puts force per unit area on the kidneys to increase their working rate to interrupt down the glucose and halt it from developing into cholesterin. When there is a build up of glucose and the is excessively much strain on the kidneys they begin to neglect and can non maintain up and this leads to cholesterol being deposited into the blood vass, as above in FIG 1.3 as cholesterin is deposited into the blood vass this leads to the physique up of plaque and eventually leads to atherolerosis. This causes the blood vass to halt working decently as it has restricted the blood flow, this changes the manner the blood is flowed through the arterias and leads to high blood pressure.

Atherlerosis is the major cause of Hypertension. Hypertension has a prima function to play to Connery bosom disease this is the blood vass are already strained by the physique up of plaque and high blood pressure increases the strain which causes the blood vass to rupture and rend. The force per unit area builds up in the blood vass and the blood is filled in the cryings which cause coagulums and this leads to Connery bosom disease.

The best manner in commanding conary bosom disease and handling it is to keep a healthy life manner. By commanding emphasis degrees will assist forestall high blood pressure, seeking to avoid emphasis and nerve-racking state of affairss and maintaining a positive head. Exerting on a regular basis helps the variety meats to work decently the NHS say at least 4-5 per hebdomad for exercising is required. To drop cholesterin degrees eating a balanced diet with at least 5 parts of fruit and vegetable and cutting back on fatso nutrients and saccharides. Eating meats in moderate parts will besides assist. Cuting back on tea, java and intoxicant can assist cut down the physique up of plaque and atherlerosis. Stevens, RJ et Al 2005 says A glass of ruddy wine daily is good for the bosom.

Drug intervention for conary bosom disease is different for each person as the physicians prescribe you medication on your life style and side effects. Low doses of acetylsalicylic acid could be given as this helps to forestall blood curdling and reduces the hazard of bosom onslaughts. ACE inhibitors could be taken these aid to handle high blood force per unit area besides known as high blood pressure, this causes the blood vass to loosen up and widen and assist to take down the blood force per unit area. The drugs nitrates may besides be used this helps to forestall thorax strivings and besides widens the vass. To assist command cholesterin degrees a statin drug is used these types of drugs are merely prescribed after the non-drug interventions described as above have all been extinguished this drug helps to forestall shots and bosom onslaughts. The chief types of drugs that are used to assist handle conary bosom disease are lipid-lowering medicines and ACE inhibitors.

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