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This system help users especially students and faculty who responsible in recording the data appropriately, it also saves time and more convenient to use than the traditional manual recording. It helps to eliminate the too much time and effort in borrowing, returning, reserving and claiming of items. Lack of library system in a school can lead to chaos and troubles, and because of it the librarian is having a problem to serve each students and faculties who wish to use the library.

It is extremely useful in the school to use that automated system and will help the school advanced its education quality. Foreign According to Robinson (2001), usability is a key requirement for users, says Elisabeth Robinson, Product manager for Online Computer Library Center. The catalogue has become a way to pull together disparate resources, including commercial resources and web links. Management systems also allow circulation, including check in/check out and enable libraries to purchase materials and track where they are.

According economy within which library systems form part of a larger whole. He was writing in a briefing paper about the study in library management systems. This study examined the systems used in higher-education libraries across the I-J and came up with some significant observations and recommendations. It noted that the ALMS market in I-J higher education is already mature and that four main vendors (Calibers, Innovative,Sordidness and Tails) have almost 90 per cent of the market.

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This market maturity means, according to the study authors, that the benefits to libraries of changing ALMS provider are limited. Library users expect to find everything together says Stephen Abram, vice president for innovation at Sordidness, the leading provider of software solutions and associated revise for libraries. According to her traditionally, the library management system or integrated library system (ILLS) was responsible for running libraries efficiently and effectively. Over the last few years, the role of the ILLS has been expanding from meeting library needs to delivering user experience.

Local According to Eden (201 1), views that most libraries are forced to work with fewer staff because of the having a more improved and modernized system for their library. According also to the study, the library administration need to emphasize to their Taft that the organization has a vested interest in providing them with the tools and training they need to assist the organization in the new information marketplace. These may include search engines, circulation systems, and the online public access catalog.

According to Lopez (2002), University of the Philippines Mindanao when UP in Mindanao accepted its first batch of students in 1996, the Main Library collection was integrated with the core collection of the School of Management (SOME) Library at the Satisfaction Bldg. , Ladies Avenue, Banning, Dave City. The Philippians and General References were housed together with the College of Arts and Sciences (CASE) collection in Room 2 of the Philippine Coconut Authority. In the Second Semester AY 1996-1997,the CASE Library moved to its main campus in Bags Shirr.

Upon the recognition of UP in Mindanao by the Board of Regents (BOOR) as a constituent unit (CUE) of the UP System, the CASE was split into two (2), namely: College of Humanities and Social Sciences (OCHS) and the College of Science and Mathematics (SCM). The Main Library transferred to the newly renovated building where the main collection was set-up beside the books of the OCHS and the SCM. In July 2002, the library established the Library Educational Media and Information Technology Office (LIMITS). The LIMITS handles the audio-visual services, internet and the connectivity of the library.

Users in every generation and in every stage have always wanted access to library resources. It has been important to know that libraries were there to be used when required, although it was not necessary to visit them very often. The question facing us today is whether the mission libraries have performed in the past is still relevant in today's world. Numerous studies have demonstrated that the importance of library arrive is users oriented and the needs of meeting their demand and expectation. The proliferation of Information technology (IT) brings users' needs for timelier, convenient, speedy information delivery in recent years.

Libraries have to harness the technological change and use it to fulfill their mission to provide access to information when people need it. The popular use of IT also can help libraries to know what their users need and provide right information to the right user with plenty of resources. Library plays as an interactive role to encourage users to use resources and establish a relationship with library. The use of computer technology in modern society has become indispensable evident in many day to day activities.

The use of gadgets for implementing and upgrading the different software are now liable, including the use of bar code readers, swipe card readers and online access. Integrating these technologies in a company's and in the different sectors operations has now become a necessity. As the school focus on serving their students the best way they can, the management also ensures the welfare of their students. To do this requires a library management system to collect manpower input, process it and output complete and accurate information of students who will borrow books. Library is the warehouse of the information and knowledge.

This is where students and teachers find books, encyclopedias, periodicals, newsletter, magazines, dictionaries, atlases, almanacs, Journals, pamphlets and other printed references. It provides free services for them so they could use every reference they need. It also provides assistance from the librarian to make it easier to look for the reference that they will use. It is a place where could be informed and broaden their knowledge about everything free of charge.

Statement Of The Problem

General: What is the way to eliminate too much time and effort in performing transactions in a particular School Library? Specific: 1. What are the needs of a School Library?

Objectives Of The Study

General Objective: To design and develop a library management system that will serve as a proposal to help librarians save time and effort with the automation of its daily operation. Specific Objective: To allow librarians to retrieve complete information of the book and its borrowers. To eliminate too much time and effort in rendering books. To provide a convenient way in rendering books.

Significance Of The Study

The significance of this study was to help and give a benefit to the concerned group below. This study will be beneficial to the following: Students/Faculty Through a computerized library system, they can easily find the books that they are looking for without going through the traditional way of searching a library material. Convenience is more visible for it is not time-consuming, resulting to a number of accomplished works. Librarian The computerized library system would improve the monitoring capacities of those ho maintain the library. It would be easier to determine whether a particular book is on-shelf or not.

Computers have radically changed the way people learn and communicate with each other, as well as the library itself. The library differs little from other institutions and firms in the impact of computing technology on them. Changes are in the almost unlimited tracking of the availability of books: Whether a book has been issued or not is the work of moments, where before it would have entailed a long search through a card index. The availability of learning resources has been massively expanded through access o the Internet, again facilitated by the use of computer technology.

Without computers, as some libraries are, all of them are dependent on paper work or manual recording of borrowed, returned, reserved, claimed and new books. When inefficient and labor intensive and can produced too much effort and time. Users of a paper based system become almost wholly reliant on the librarians, for all levels of service, whether they are enquiries about existing books, inter-library loans, or the availability of books. There is additionally no real involvement of a user in the entire process.

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