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Automated Storage and Retrieval System

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The ASRS is a diversity of computer-run system for automatically positioning and retracting heaps from definite storage sites. ASRS are normally used in functions where there is a great volume of products being transported into and out of storage space. ASRS is important because it efficiently manage storage density with space limitations. Also, with an organized and automated storage increases the accuracy of the storage and retrieval of the product because it is critical to reduce potential expensive damages to the products.


Vanderlande Industries offer automated matter management systems and support services. The company positions together with the top 5 worldwide in its discipline and in baggage management is even one of the principal purveyors. ("VanDerLande," 2010) According to its profile, customers and critics, the company’s implementation focuses on minimizing the environmental impact throughout the entirety lifecycle when devising new products and systems and attempting for least use of energy, materials and space. ("VanDerLande Industries," 2009)

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Automated Storage and Retrieval System

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The company has a fully automated mini load storage system to address efficient space storage and retrieval. It has a wide range of clients. GAME Stores is one of its clients which are a specialist retailer of PC and video games, consoles and related accessories. Vanderlande’s ASRS helped the GAME Stores with the storing and retrieval of its large number of game related products especially in the peak seasons.


Westfalia, 35 years in business, has been devoted to innovating and instigating logistical resolutions in developing Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems and conventional product management equipments. ("Westfalia USA," 2010) Our success has been shaped, to a large extent, by the satisfaction of our customers. The company aims to condense stock, labor and transportation costs, as well as enhancing output and accuracy efficiency for an extensive variety of businesses. The company believes that the most significant driving force of their organization is performing alongside its customers as dynamic partners. ("Westfalia USA," 2010)

According to its profile, customers and critics, the company’s implementation focuses on exalted density Mini-Load storage systems to generate better space operation which lessens movement gap for product collection personnel and thus improving productivity. ("Satellite," 2009) They also have fully automated mini load storage system which offers four types of Mini load ASRS namely, Turning Satellite, Non-turning Satellite, Pin Extractor and Telescopic Shuttle Table. Most of their clients are associated with frozen food storage which specialized the company’s ASRS with minimizing damage to storing and retrieval of products.

Vanderlande vs. Westfalia

Bother Vaderlande and Westfalia provide ASRS and focuses on minimizing storage environment space for efficient storage and retrieval. They utilized fully automated mini load storage system to address the efficient storage concern. They are also on the top of the leading ASRS companies in the global market. However, a significant contrast between the two companies would be their referred clients and specialization. Vanderlande has a large range of diversified clients, ranging from food and pharmacy to game and automotives. ("VanDerLande," 2010)

Also, Vanderlande proudly exhibit their growing financial output for the past years. ("Annual Report 2009," 2009) On the other hand, Westfalia’s clients are more on the food specialization, specifically frozen food products. Moreover, the specialization of Westfalia to food specified clients made their ASRS attuned minimizing damage in storage and retrieval of products. ("Westfalia USA," 2010)

Cost Benefit Analysis

In the cost benefit analysis, it is determined whether engaging in the project would induce greater benefit or cost to the company. The Sohi company is a very busy corporation, not very organized and overwhelmed by their success. Therefore, they genuinely need ASRS to increase their productivity. Vanderlande and Westfalia both focus in minimizing storage environment space for efficient storage and retrieval. Vanderlande is more general based while Westfalia is specialized based on frozen food products. If Sohi were to choose between the two companies, it is recommended to choose Vanderlande because they are more general in ASRS which would correspond to Sohi’s several areas of their business. Furthermore, Vanderlande has a steadfast reputation on increasing financial efficiency. Sohi deserves the ASRS that is general and high quality and therefore Vanderlande is the correct choice.


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