Urban Planning in Developing Countries

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Urban Planning in Developing States


In recent old ages, there has been an increasing involvement in 3rd universe urban planning. Over past three decennaries at that place has been a big migration of China`s population from rural to urban parts. As Grubler says: “Fast urbanisation and consequent land usage alteration had altered ecosystems, destroyed wildlife home grounds, changed regional climes and released big sums of C into the atmosphere” ( Grubler, 1998 ) . At the same clip, the metropoliss are developing really fast but ignored the quality of planning. As a effect, the citizens` life quality has dropped quickly. There is grounds, nevertheless, that citizens who live in a well-planned metropolis happen it easy to hold a high felicity degree.

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For illustration, Barcelona`s metropolis program remains one of the best theoretical accounts in the universe even Spain may be confronting important economic and political challenges these old ages. Compared with other metropoliss in the development states, Barcelona has paid more attending on the metropolis users` perceptual experience and experience, the metropolis contrivers ever put the users` feeling foremost and so comes the regulations, that is why Barcelona`s citizens can easy bask their life at that place. On the other manus, citizens of the developing countries` metropoliss will be harder to advance happiness index.

A inquiry originating from these considerations concerns the best manner to plan metropoliss or re-plan metropoliss of developing states. The undertaking will analyze the urban design in developing states. It will look at how to do the most suited determination for every 3rd universe states ' planning. It will explicate why we should pay more attending to this country. First, the undertaking will do a comparing between the urban design in developed states and that in developing states. Second, the undertaking will speak about how to do a good program in developing states. Third, the undertaking will analysis the feasibleness of doing a good program in developing states.

Section 1

Urban planning in the universe

  1. Urban planning in developed states

Planing used to be a physical infinite theory, but for now, the developed countries` planning is a theory of public policy and public direction. As the basic urban building is completed, what they should make now is merely to maintain upgrading each country of a metropolis and increase public engagement. As Potter says: “By now, many states in both the developed and developing universe parts espouse the demand for greater public engagement in planning, although in pattern, many may merely pay it lip service.” ( Potter, 2012, p.149 )

In developed states, the contrivers play an of import function in the society. The contrivers ever spend batch of clip to understand the metropoliss and forecast the development of the metropoliss. City is like a system and the system is a complicated entireness, which contains a batch of objects and subdivisions. The contrivers in developed states will make their best to unite them and do them related to each other. On the other manus, the contrivers are ever glad to listen to the citizens and roll up their sentiments ; they will unite assortment of particular demands and programs to go a comprehensive rational pick. For these grounds, the citizens in developed states are much easier to obtain felicity.

  1. Urban planning in developing states

The planning procedure in alleged developing states, like China, is radically different from western states. In recent old ages, big Numberss of instructors came back from abroad conveying back the thoughts of aliens, so base on balls on to their pupils. However, the urbanisation procedure in China is rather different with foreign states and we do non hold a ain theory which is suited for this state of affairs, the manner we are be aftering is copying western theoretical accounts, that is why we have so much jobs in today`s metropoliss.

Developing states ever have economically backward, the easiest manner to turn economic system is to increase the population. With the growing of population, many jobs will be much harder to work out than earlier, such as the relationships between persons, lodging, transit and environment. The contrivers in most of the developing states ever put net incomes in the first topographic point and disregard the metropolis user`s experience, they will believe small about the city`s hereafter. Developing states besides used to pursuit the develop velocity and disregard the quality of a metropolis. Any city`s development is a long historical procedure, there must hold a big figure of civilization relics in this procedure. But as this phase of urban planning in China, most of the historical and cultural sights were badly damaged by our alleged development. When speaking about the environment in China, it is besides a immense job. A good environment is a critical status of metropolis developing. With the unsuitable method of program a metropolis, the air quality, H2O quality and other environmental quality decreased aggressively in these few decennaries. Compared with the urban planning in developed states, there is a deficiency of future chances in developing states ' urban planning.

Section 2

How to do a suited program in developing states

2.1 What should authorities and contrivers do?

The authorities should pay more attending on metropolis planning than earlier. They used to pay excessively much attending on the economic system increasing and about ignored the metropolis planning, so they should alter their head to maintain the balance between them. The authorities should beef up the earnestness of urban be aftering which including strengthen jurisprudence enforcement, promote the enforcement procedure, better enforcement steps and other related steps. During the planning procedure, the contrivers should set citizens to the first topographic point but non net incomes. Environmental quality is really of import in presents, the contrivers should non disregard it because urban planning is a theory of functioning the persons, and they should develop the metropolis without harm the environment of citizens. Urban be aftering should reflect the net incomes of the populace such as the country of transit, amusement, medical attention, instruction and so on, contrivers must do certain people-oriented. As Silva says: “Urban contrivers face major challenges in the aggregation of informations towards analyzing the invariably altering societal, economic and environmental conditions in cities.” ( Silva, 2010, p.388 )

2.2 What should citizens make?

Urban planning is non an matter of authorities and contrivers, the populace should besides take participate in it. The citizens of a metropolis should better their quality and have an international position to convey aid to urban development. In developed states, the correct theory said that urban planning is a collaborative procedure. When necessary, public should give nonsubjective advices and helpful suggestions to assist the contrivers, guarantee the procedure is come oning. On the other manus, everyone should make their best to protect the environment and cut down the waste of resources in the procedure of urban development, in order to cut down the force per unit area of authorities and contrivers. The connexion between cities` users and contrivers should be a co-operation relationship.

Section 3

The feasibleness of urban planning in developing states.

3.1 A instance analysis of Shanghai

This paragraph presents a instance analysis of Shanghai, China 's largest and most of import industrial centre. Rapid industrial and economic development in China over the past three decennaries has resulted in a big migration from rural countries to metropoliss, the population of Shanghai was more than twofold and building country increased quickly every bit same as the figure of vehicles. For this ground, it is a truly tough work to re-plan a metropolis like Shanghai. Since we can non cut down the figure of population, the lone manner to re-plan the metropolis is to accommodate the current state of affairs and happen out the suited solutions. During the past decennaries, Shanghai had spent a immense figure of money on the urban substructure investing ( see Appendix 1 ) . Even the authorities used this portion of fillip to upgrade a batch of countries of substructure investing, but it is still difficult to equilibrate the relationships between persons, lodging, transit and environment.

3.2 Problems and troubles

The migration and urbanisation is still keep increasing in the metropoliss like Shanghai and we can non calculate the hereafter. If we can construct little and moderate-sized metropoliss, which have perfect map, surround the large metropoliss, they may pull people to travel in from the large metropoliss. This method will alter the migration and urbanization tendency, it besides can better the growing and development of both large metropoliss and other metropoliss. As Pacione says:

National industrial-development policy, including the determination to construct little and moderate-sized metropoliss for investing allotment intents, has straight affected the growing and development of Shanghai... They conclude that the Chinese achievement in large-scale urban transmutation and their success in incorporating the spacial growing of big industrial centres is a singular accomplishment in urban and regional planning, which should be studied closely by contrivers in both the developed and the underdeveloped states. ( Pacione, 1981, p.26 )

On the other manus, this method may be useless to China because of the population. There has more chances in large metropoliss such as Shanghai, it is truly a tough work to alter people`s head to migrate to smaller metropoliss. With a immense figure of population and deficiency of public engagement in big metropoliss, the work of program and re-plan tend to be harder.

Compared with developed states, there will be much less jobs in urban design or metropolis re-planning.


Taking the suggested solutions could work out the jobs in developing states but it will take a long clip for developing states to maintain gait with the developed states. The developing states should larn the manner of developed states, but still necessitate to happen out a much more suited manner to be after the metropoliss or re-plan them.

A good metropolis planning contains a batch of elements and it is non merely a procedure to incorporate assorted of resources, it should convey urban occupants a more comfy and harmonious life environment. Although many of the developing countries` metropoliss are upgrading, but in most of their program there still exist unscientific, irrational and follow blindly. The cities` contrivers made their determination to do the metropoliss become a new Manhattan or a new Hong Kong irrespective of the specific fortunes, the figure of these metropoliss now is at least 40 harmonizing to relevant statistics. We can non merely concentrate on economic development and bury the significance of urban be aftering itself.

Developing states has a batch of jobs in the urban planning procedure, it is due to miss of research establishments for urban planning. At this point, the developed states ever have their ain urban be aftering research establishments, which will happen the most suited solutions to upgrade the metropoliss. The developing states should construct research centres like the developed states and understand the metropoliss so that the contrivers can do the right determinations.


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Power Coevals

Transportation system

Post and Telecommunications

Public Utilities

Civil Constructions














































































100 million kwai

Appendix 1: Urban Infrastructure Investment of Shanghai ( 2000-2010 )

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