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Being Unemployed and the Impact of Unemployment

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In this modern day, that which defines the person’s private life including his lifestyle is his personal accomplishments with regards to his work or job. He fails to see the significance of other people within the community in his achievements. Now, this paper would try to see how community and the society affect the character and attitude of the people who are unemployed.

The first part of the paper would discuss the very concept of unemployment and the underlying factors that cause unemployment. The second part would present the effects of unemployment to the individuals and to the society/community.

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The last part would include an analysis of the problem of unemployment and conclusion First Part: What is Unemployment? Unemployment pertains to a condition wherein a willing person lacks opportunity to obtain any job or work. (Sinfield) Such lacking of opportunity can be either caused by the person himself or by the different factors that affect the community (i. e. economics, politics, etc. ) The unemployed person could really find difficulty in finding job when he himself lacks certain requirements. For example, an aspirant wants to work with a particular company. However, he did not pass the qualifications and standard of that company (e.

g. educational attainment, background check-up). Hence he loses the chance of acquiring a job mainly because the problem is he himself. No matter how willing a person is if he would not pass the standard or qualification of a company, it is most likely that he would not get a job. On the other hands, there are factor that affect unemployment. First is the economic element. The companies are closing their doors to applicants because the economy is very low such that hiring them would endanger the standing of the companies (perhaps the companies think that they cannot afford to pay the wages of these applicants if ever they hire them).

Second is political element. The political instability may cause economic stability. Thus the result would be the refusal of the companies to hire new workers. (Walters) Lastly, environmental element can also be a factor in the problem of unemployment. The people may find difficulty in looking for jobs when they are situated in a place wherein companies would most likely refuse to establish themselves. These are just some of the factors that can really affect the problem of unemployment. Second Part: What are the Effects of Unemployment?

Effects of unemployment can be directly manifested in the people’s lifestyle and character. (Sinfield) People who are unemployed usually live in places that are far from industrialized regions (i. e. rural areas, slum areas). They find so much difficulty in meeting their everyday needs such as food, clothing, shelter and others. Some cannot even afford to eat three times a day. The way they dress up can really show how unfortunate themselves being unemployed. Unemployed people may express their disappointment and depression by the way they behave toward other people.

Unemployed people may become forceful or unwilling to socialize with other people. These people are usually the ones who boldly declare dissent towards the government and its programs and policies. (Moller) Third Part: Analysis and Conclusion on the Impact of Unemployment As an analysis, the problem of unemployment is really dependent on the key factor or elements that govern the structure and function of society. They significantly affect the lives of the unemployed (and even the employed) people.

Nevertheless, if these key elements would be in good condition, the unemployment rate could be resolved granted that there are great efforts that would be put in its actualization. The effects of unemployment show how people react and behave toward other people. Moreover, unemployment may also define how people should live and think. (Moller) As a conclusion, unemployment is really a defining mark of the standard of living (or of how people live). More often, jobless people pursue to obtain work unfortunately due to the cited key elements that govern the society, having jobs is not really easy for them.

And manifestations of the effects of unemployment could be illustrated by how unemployed people interact with the community or society. References: Moller, Valerie. The unemployment blues: Psychological effects of unemployment on the individual. Centre for Social and Development Studies, University of Natal, 1992. Sinfield, Adrian. What Unemployment Means. Blackwell Publishers, 1981. Walters, William. Unemployment and Government: Genealogies of the Social . Campbridge University Press, 2000.

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