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UK Output by sector

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This sector is the first stage in the production of goods and services.

The primary sector is the portion of the region's economy that is devoted to the extraction of basic raw materials such as mining, lumbering, fishing, quarrying, and agriculture. This sector aims to improve the yield with the use of technology, although it is decreasing in size compared to the rest of the economy. Some of primary sector jobs are farmers that grow their crops to sell or fishermen going out to see to catch fish to sell.

All countries have their own primary industry, but its importance is decreasing in developed countries due to the fact that more machinery are coming in and taking the jobs in the primary sector.

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Secondary Sector

This is the sector that is devoted to the manufacturing and processing of raw materials that are extracted by the primary sector to produce goods. The secondary section is the portion of the region's economy devoted to the processing of basic materials. The secondary sector can be divided into three main groups these groups are manufacturing, building and construction and public utilities such as water and gas.

Manufacturing transforms all the raw materials provided by primary producers into finished goods. Building and construction and public utilities are vital in many countries. The statistics show that the secondary sector has also declined during the years 1989 - 1999. this decline may have been due to the fact that UK producers found that labour costs are lower abroad so they have their production made abroad in stead of the UK, this lead to a lot of people being unemployed.

The trends of growth of growth and Decline in the tertiary sector

The two organisations I have chosen are Tesco PLC and Kim's newsagent (Deptford) they are both in the tertiary sector because the two businesses do not produce products, or extract any raw materials to male certain products, the only thing that these businesses do is sell products to individuals and other organisations, and sell services to individuals and other organisations. D escribe the size and structure of the food retailing sector

The tertiary sector is divided into two groups of activities, firms that provide personal services such as: hairdressers, window cleaner, tailors. Teachers, gardeners etc. the second group are firms that produce commercial services for other organisations, such as selling goods, advertising goods and services, and communications. The trend in growth and decline has been on a steady rise in most of the tertiary sector, this is a chart showing and increase in areas and a gradual decrease in some of the areas.

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