The writeup focuses on the lives of individuals

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Is a book that describes how low ranking and shy individuals have suddenly become  a public figure And the question will be that of what siginificance is homosexuality history in Africa? And how this information can help in the fight against the scouge of HIV AIDS ,inequality in socal status as well as gender violence in African continent.

The writeup focuses  on the lives of individuals who do not comply with the societal conventios  in regards to marriage and love drawing from Epprecht and   books.HUNGOCHANI is a book written by Eppreth on nauthodox and nonconforming sexuality in southAfrica.coupled therefore with intelligent writing from other writers one can get a clear image of individuals who do practice  what their environment expect as core values.Additional material includes several fictionalised accounts of same-sex relationships in southern Africa.

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The greatest shocker in Africa in the recent period is the emergence of terms like homosexuality,gay legal rights and homophobia and lesbianism all to the chagrin and annoyance of many.

Ephereth  book also reported incidence of same sex marrage for instance in 1990,GALZ was founded in ZIMbabwe  with the objective  of enhancing interaction among the gay group members.They have moved further at resent by looking for how to form alliance with activist organization such as he womens;s right campaign group , organizations campaigning agaist HIV/AIDS and human rights groups.

The aims of GALZ in Zimbabwe is therefore to increase gays rights awareness in a compound forum thereby facilitating the incorporation of this rights along with some of the other fundamental human rights.This is an area that civil organization are yet to have headway in south Africa.Ghana became in 1957 the first country in colonial Africa to gain its independence. Lesbians and gays, though, are still waiting to be liberated from a repressive British legacy: sodomy laws.

A gay social life exists, mostly in the form of house parties, and a few queer-friendly clubs in the capital, Accra, but there are risks. Because homosexuality is illegal, club-goers, especially tourists, risk blackmail. If they don't pay, social and legal consequences can be serious.

The book examines  is  a mix of works in the gay and lesbian  associations and it uses journals and other significant materials  to make new record in this regards.the books gave atreatise on therecords of Lesbians  and gays in the Japanese pacific fight  issues like gayism,trangenderism a and also lesbianism.It delves in to queer roups interface in the growing international community and US ,it argues the meaning attributed to the various queer society and opes the eyes of readers to the development o gays and lesbians in the japan after the war .

Mac Clelland article titled the social situation facing gay in japan  demonstreates how the society sees and reacts to Queers and reveals the whole organization of Japanese nation and the expent of tolerancr to sexual minorities as they have  a strong component of the  Human Rights policies constructed by the “Tokyo City Human Rights Policy Directive Manual released in 2000”.

The promise to protect the human rights was made by Japanese government following resistance from the Japanese public,Queer activist group and human rights organization when the policy of 200 excluded the inclusion of gays

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