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1. Outline the anatomy and physiology of the human body in relation to the importance of correct moving and positioning individuals:

Our bodies have many muscles and bones, these working together help the human body move. Certain muscles with certain bones will work together to move the part of the body. When a muscle contracts it will pull the bones at the joint in the correct direction that it is designed to move. When mobility is reduced and muscles do not get exercise these muscles will be floppy and will make movement slower and more difficult. When moving people it is important not to over stretch the joint as this can cause pain and may also cause damage the joint. There are nerve fibres throughout the body and these send impulses to the muscles and this make the muscle contract or relax. Poor moving and handling techniques can damage these nerve fibres.

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2. Describe the impact of specific conditions on the correct movement and positioning of an individual: There are many conditions that can impact on movement and positioning of people. People with arthritis normally have stiff painful joints and are limited movement in certain areas. When moving or positioning a person it is important to take care doing this so there is reduced pain and discomfort. Some people may suffer from cerebral palsy, as a result of this, some of their muscles may be contracted or joints will be causing a fixed rigid limb. Anyone who is looking after someone who has cerebral palsy will need to ensure they use effective communication and be careful whilst moving and handling them.

Outcome 2

1. Describe how legislation and agreed ways of working afeect working practicies related to moving and positioning individuals:

Every time a care worker moves or supports the weight of a service user they are manually handling that person.Unsafe moving and handling techniques can result in injury to either the care worker or the person they are assisting to move.To reduce the risk of injury to the care workers and the people being supported legislations are put in place to protect people.The health and safety at work act 1974 makes it a legal requirement for employers to ensure that the health and safety and welfare of their employees is maintained and the employees have a duty to take reasonable care of the health,safety and welfare of themselves and others.

Also we need to respect the individual and include them in their own care we must also follow our work settings policies and procedures and each individual will have there own care plan (agreed ways of working) which we must adhere to.We also need to make sure that our moving and handling training is up to date as this is also a required legislation and should be renewed on a yearly basis this helps us to make sure that we move and position residents correctly also it allows us to be informed of any new regulations that may be coming into affect and also refreshes us on how to use the equipment correctly ie hoist,manga,rotunda etc.

2. Describe what health and safety factors need to be taken into account when moving and positioning individuals and any equipment used to do this:

Before we carry out any activity at work that involves moving and handling we must be trained, to carry out the moves and also to ensure we have sufficient knowledge of our own body to work. Safely moving and handling incidents occur as a result of lack of awareness, slippery floors, lack of preparation, faulty equipment, lack of co-operation from the individual, poorly trained and ill prepared staff Health and safety measures When I have to move the person then I should be careful and I must explain the person before assist them, what is going to happen and try as much as possible to keep away from lifting altogether, trying rather to roll, to slide or to turn the person.

The use of simple and fairly inexpensive aids will eliminate the need lifting or heavy handling. Moving and handling has special rules: I need to make sure that I have enough space to move smoothly and freely. Move any obstructions for space to move, place my feet comfortably apart so that I have a firm base. Always stand as close as possible to the person to be moved, bend at the knees so that I can use the strong leg muscles, do not bend or twist at the waist. Try to maintain the ‘S’ shape of My spine to help to reduce the strain on my back

Outcome 3

1. Access up-to-date copies of risk assessment documentation:
2. Carry out preparatory checks using:
3.The individuals care plan
4.The moving and handling risk assessment
5. Describe what action should be taken if the individuals wishes conflict with their plan of care in relation to health and safety and their risk assessment:

Outcome 5

1. Follow the care plan to ensure that individual is positioned: Using the agreed techniques
In a way that will avoid causing undue pain or discomfort
6. Monitor the individual througout the activity so that the procedure can be stopped if there is any adverse reaction:

Outcome 6

1. Describe when advice and/or assistance should be sought to move or handle an individual safely:

2. Describe what sources of information are available about moving and positioning individuals:

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