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Life in the Universe: The Significance of Planet X

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The Internet is replete with sites touting proof of extraterrestrial life in the universe; television programs found on channels with a scientific slant, such as Discovery, The Learning Channel, The History Channel, SciFi, and Nova, explore the possibilities of extraterrestrial life on a regular basis; a slew of books have been published by those claiming to have had close encounters with alien beings, or to have witnessed events that suggest the presence of such. Many of these claims have been proven fraudulent or misinterpreted, yet some remain persuasive.

Currently, there is some compelling evidence that extraterrestrial beings might not only exist, but might also have visited our planet throughout history. While a great majority of this evidence can be dismissed as the meanderings of the bored, mentally ill, or those interested in making money on the naiveté of others, some of it is not so easily discharged. As far back as recorded history exists, there are suggestions of extraterrestrial visitations; artistic renderings of strange objects in the sky, beings that do not look human, and societies who function at a technological level that defies the development of the era.

While modern technology might afford us evidence considered more empirical or irrefutable, in the past, no such evidence could be had. Historically, there are numerous depictions in art that suggest an awareness of alien beings or spaceships. One such painting entitled The Madonna with Saint Giovannino by the 15th century artist Domenico Ghirlandaio, depicts a flying saucer type object in the sky over Mary's shoulder, and a man with his dog, staring up at it. It seems clearly to be an alien spacecraft.

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Now, while paintings are clearly not the same as photographs, but merely renderings from the psyche of the artist, there still has to be some pertinent reason why an artist would place something so odd in his painted sky. The obvious suggestion here, is that he might have seen such an object, or the consciousness of the time was at least partly centered on these things. In 1486, Carlos Crivelli's painting, The Annunciation with Saint Emidius depicts a spaceship that is sending a beam of light to the head of Mary.

But what if faith is not the only avenue toward belief? What if scientific data in the form of archeology, astronomy, physics and other disciplines point to the truth of extraterrestrial presence on our planet? Numerous hieroglyphs have been found that are clearly representations of objects in the ancient sky, objects that suggest a technology far advanced for the era.

The fact that these objects were airborne at all, was of course cause for investigation. One such relief carving found in the beams of the ceiling of the New Kingdom Temple at the Giza Plateau in Egypt, clearly depicts a modern day helicopter, a submarine, a glider or perhaps a space shuttle (Crystal). It would be difficult to explain these images away as anything other than what they appear to be.

Delving deeper into the antecedents for these ideas leads to examination of advanced cultures of the past. The Sumerian culture is one of the most advanced cultures ever known, yet they existed during a time period where most people lived in a primitive fashion. Still, they created many mathematical concepts, geometry, algebra, and were the first to develop the zodiac, dividing the heavens into the 12 houses; the first to develop 400 characters of cuneiform writing, and the first to display a complete understanding of astronomy.

"Ooparts is the term used to describe the purportedly out of place in time artifacts, toys, tools, technical devices, depictions and documents which have come to light through archaeological excavation or discovery" (Freer). The Sumerians' culture is filled with ooparts that cannot be explained in any way other than they were influenced by another species from a more advanced culture. Sumerians recorded a great deal of their own history, even the day to day mundane events. It is clear from their records that they lived among beings they referred to as the Anunnaki.

These beings were purportedly from the plant Nibiru, and had come here to colonize. This is where the Sumerians gained their incredible knowledge base, apparent in all their artifacts and records. For instance, the Sumerians knew the number of planets and the distance of the planets from Earth—how? We didn't even know that until we sent probes in the 1970's. How could they know so much about astronomy? All of this knowledge, though, is authenticated by artifacts left behind (AncientX).

Religion aside, the theory with the most veracity, also seems the most far-fetched: that an alien race colonized our planet half a million years ago, and we are a product of genetic engineering and cross breeding. Russian-born archeologist Zecharia Sitchin, not only believes that, but has presented an impressive amount of data that would seem to prove his theory.

Sitchin was raised in Palestine, gaining a formidable knowledge of ancient Hebrew, among other languages, and is "one of the few scholars who is able to read and understand Sumerian" (XFacts). Through study of Sumerian culture and artifacts, he has pieced together the historical details that explain this outlandish postulate.

According to Sitchin, the Sumerians spoke of 12 planets in the solar system, contrary to our current knowledge of nine. They counted the sun and moon in that number, so according to them, there is one other planet in our solar system. This planet was known as Nibiru by the Sumerians, and current day references are usually "Planet X" which is a play on both the unknown and the fact that "X" is the Roman numeral for "ten," and Nibiru would be the tenth planet, if we continue to discount the sun and moon as planets.

Modern science has discovered that "the human genome contains 223 genes that do not have the required predecessors on the genomic evolutionary tree (Sitchin)" The question then becomes: where did those mysterious genes come from?

Another interesting indicator is that lead NASA scientists believe there is another planet beyond Pluto, based on the inability of Pluto's mass to cause certain disturbances in orbit, referred to as perturbances, and wobbling movements of that planet. These movements suggest a gravitational pull beyond Pluto that can only be explained by the presence of another large planet, two to five times the size of earth.

Scientists have also recently put forth the Orpheus Theory—that a rogue planet collided with Earth, and this created a new version of Earth, and our current moon, and also explains the asteroid belt, among other things. This theory supports what the Sumerians recorded 6,000 years ago (XFacts), which would suggest strongly that the Sumerians had knowledge of many things that cannot be explained other than with the input from another race from another planet. This information alone, should be enough to justify further investigation into not only the presence of a 10th (or 12th) planet, but the possibility that there are other lifeforms that have come from that planet to Earth in the past, and could do it again in the future.

Further along in the historic timeline, we have discovered more tangible reasons to explore the idea of intelligent life in the universe aside from our own.  In 1938, an archeological dig in the Baian-Lara-Ula mountain between China and Tibet, produced a collection of graves in a series of interlocking caves. On the walls, were pictograms of the celestial sky, connected by dots. In the graves, were the remains of humanoids that were not like any known. The skeletons had oversized craniums, and short, spindly limbs, and all were much shorter than normal.  The team members considered that maybe these were the skeletons of apes, but as the archeologist Dr. Chi Pu Tei reportedly said, "Whoever heard of apes burying each other?"

Soon afterward, Dr. Tei, discovered a disk-shaped stone in the floor of the cave which had a perfectly round hole in the center and an engraved line spiraling outward on the stoneThe team unearthed hundreds of these ancient carved stones buried in the floor of the cave, obviously remnants of a people who lived 12,000 years ago.

With a magnifying glass, closer inspection was done of the groove in the stones, which so resembled an ancient phonograph record. It was a record, but not of the musical variety, unless you count the strange tone it made when they later spun the stone on a makeshift turntable. The score (pun intended) was really a continuous line of hieroglyphics. In 1962, Dr. Tsum Um Nui began to transcribe the writings, and decode them. He discerned that the stones told the story of the Dropa, who came down from the clouds in their aircraft" (AncientX).

As the story went, they were stranded after a crash-landing, and before the local people understood that they were peaceful, and were repulsed by their appearance, so they hunted them down and even killed some. The Dropa were unable to repair their aircraft in order to return to their home planet. Today, it is known that there are two tribes indigenous to the area who possess odd anatomical features—larger heads, shorter bodies, yellowish skin. The local lore about these "invaders that came from the sky" matches the bodies found in the cave.

Nui composed a paper for submission to the university, regarding the contents of the Dropa Stone messages but was denied publication by the Academy of Prehistory, and he was even told not to discuss his findings. The University felt that the world could not be told of the story of the Dropa, who apparently came to earth from another planet in a space craft, crash-landed and were subsequently stranded.

But the information did beg the question about possible descendants having survived, and the connection this information might have with the history of the ancient Sumerians. All cultures since then commonly believed that they were descended from "heavenly beings." This is perhaps an indication of the accuracy of oral tradition. But many other hieroglyphs and petroglyphs and petrographs around the world speak of this event, and often depict spacecraft and other-worldly beings.

Contrary to our wishes, there can be no absolutes in some perennial questions. The possibility that alien life forms visited the Earth is one of those examples. I don't believe anyone has enough empirical evidence to take a staunch position on the existence of extraterrestrial visitations, versus the non existence of them.  Therefore , conclusions one way or another are merely postulates, theories and entertainments.

What can be known, is that technologically advanced cultures have existed in antiquity, and that there is compelling evidence that these might have been influenced by intelligent life from another planet. Without empirical proof, however, the questions remain a mystery. There are other considerations that must be addressed. The capability of aliens to visit our planet, would naturally suggest a technologically advanced civilization far exceeding our own. Therefore, had they wanted to make themselves clearly known, they could have. The fact that they haven't revealed themselves boldly, can mean either they do not wish to for whatever reason, or that "they" do not exist.

With mounting evidence indicating the existence of these other worldly beings, it becomes more and more difficult to ignore the possibilities, and more and more likely that we may all find ourselves questioning the paradigm of our ultimate source. With the elliptical orbit of Planet X/Nibiru expected to make its 3600 year pass near Earth in 2013, we may be doomed to another impact that will create a new Earth 3, or we may find ourselves shaking hands with a visiting delegation of Anunnaki. Either way, nothing will ever be the same again.

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