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The Nissan Micra advertisement

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The advert I have chosen for my analysis is the Nissan Micra advertisement, entitled "Gadgets for Girls". I will be identifying the target audience and analysing the visual and linguistic features. I will then be making an overall judgement on how effective the advertisement is in reaching its target audience. This advertisement is aimed at the young, attractive, woman with a high income. Firstly, you can infer that it is aimed at younger women as the title is "Gadgets for Girls" and the word "girl" is used throughout the piece. An older woman would probably not classify herself as a "girl", therefore, deliberately or not the advertisement would alienate an older age group of women.

You can also tell that it is aimed at a younger age group as an older woman would not perhaps have such an active social life and participate in the same activities as a younger woman. Throughout the article it mentions going "cruising" and being "out on the town", which I believe to be activities in which a younger group of women would participate Thirdly, you can tell that it is aimed at women rather than men as the article mentions hobbies such as "shopping" and it mentions that it is suitable if you have lots of "leggy" mates. The average male probably does not tend to have "leggy" mates (or call them such!), nor would a car that will help with "shopping" be something that would appeal to him.

You can tell that it is aimed at women with a high income as in the picture it shows the car placed in an elegant street with a sophisticated woman approaching her door. Only a woman with a high income could afford to live in such a street. Also, the woman is wearing work clothes, indicating she works and can probably afford luxuries such as the new Nissan Micra. Throughout the advertisement, it indicates that it is aimed at a group of women with a high income as it mentions "over doing it with the shopping" and that the car will do "wonders for your social life", suggesting they can afford to overdo it with their shopping and have active social lives because of their high income. Furthermore, the article was published in The Guardian, a quality daily newspaper rather than a tabloid which indicates that they are probably aiming at a high income group.

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This article uses many linguistic features throughout to make its product appeal to its target audience. The article opens with a bold F to signify women and their defiance of the stereotype of cars being only for men, showing the intended user and appealing to her. The choice of words throughout the piece is specifically chosen to appeal to women. "Well we say.... Nissan Micra" this is use of colloquial language; it is picking up on the fact that women like to gossip etc and expressing information in this manner. Furthermore, as the article states the features of the car "A run-down ... more room" This is done in a chatty manner and it reads like a shopping list, making it appeal and being effective.

One of the main techniques it uses is neologism, which it uses towards the end of the article. Neologism is a newly coined word or a phrase or familiar word used in a new sense. It uses words such as "simpology", "conventive" and "legage". The effect that this has on the reader is that they begin to associate the Nissan Micra as being a modern and desirable car as we associate those modern words with the car. "Legage" is connecting to the "girls" in the back seat, "conventive" and "simpology is connecting to the assortment of technology with the car and how they are convenient to the driver.

These neologistic phrases are then followed by the words "grab a brochure and become fluent today" which is very effective as the reader will think that the car is in a class of its own as it has its own language, making the reader want to buy the car as he or she strives to be modern. In addition it is also connecting to the target audience as a working woman doesn't have the opportunity to stop, they just "grab" the brochure.

The Nissan Micra advertisement essay

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