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The Life and History of Rosa Parks

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Have you ever wondered what historical person has been an inspiration for you? Well, it didn't takes me long enough to think of my person. My inspirational person has been Rosa Parks. She lived in a city that segregated blacks and whites. One day she decided to board a city bus after a day at work. Blacks were supposed to sit at the back of the bus. Since there were no seats available. In the back, she decided to sit at the front, not giving up her seat to a white person.

She was a brave woman and never gave up on what she believed in. Her bravery was an inspiration to many other people during her time and her consequences never stopped her to do the right thing. She led and started a bus boycott because she stood up for what she believed in. She not only stood up for herself but for other African Americans, who were treated unequally. She wanted everyone to be treated equally. After even being arrested. she never stopped and kept fighting for her rights.

It also motivated African Americans to start a boycott for their equal rights. Furthermore, she lived a pretty normal life with her husband. She was very interested in politics and wanted to make a statement in colored people's life. Her making the statement of not giving up her seat, it has caused her consequences. Not being able to find employment in Montgomery never stopped her, so Parks and her husband moved to Michigan. People refer to her as the mother of the movement and sometimes call her the patron saint of civil rights.

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In conclusion, Rosa Parks has been inspirational for me because she never let anything get in her way. Her bravery and hard work paid off in the long run. Her actions and inspiration motivated other African American fight for what they believed in. I believe if it wasn't for Rosa Parks, we wouldn't be where we are today everyone has equal rights. She will always be remembered for the changes her actions caused in bringing the nation together.

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