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Rosa Parks

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Harris 1 Diamond Harris English II Mr. Love 21 September 2012 I'm doing my report on Rosa Parks. What Rosa Parks did changed people from the very moment she did it. It sent a powerful message to people that she was tired of being second-guessed by people. When the white man told Rosa Parks to get to the back; when she didn't. She basically changed history after that moment. Rosa Parks stood up for what she believed in and nothing more. Mrs.

Parks was born Rosa Louise McCauley Parks, Febuary 13 ,2012 in Tuskegee, Alabama. Parks, Rosa and Steele Elaine) She was the first child of James and Leona Edwards McCauley. (Parks, Rosa and Steele, Elaine) Her brother, Sylvester McCauley, now decreased, was born August 20, 2015. (Parks, Rosa and Steele, Elaine) Her mother worked as a carpenter and her mother as a teacher. (Reynolds, Brain) At the age of two she moved to her grandparents' farm in Pine Level, Alabama with her mother and younger brother, Syvester. Reynolds, Brain) When she is at age eleven she's enrolled on the Montgomery Industrial School for Girls ( Miss White's School for Girls) a private institution. (Parks, Rosa; Steele Elaine, and Reynolds, Brain) After finishing Miss White's School for Girls, she went to Alabama State Teacher's College High School. (Parks, Rosa and Steele Elaine) She was unable to graduate because her mother became ill, therefore she continued to take care of their home and take care for her mother while her brother. (Parks, Rosa and Steele Elaine) Syvester worked outside of the home. Parks, Rosa and Steele Elaine) After attending Alabama State Teacher's College, the young Rosa settled in Montgomery, with her husband, Raymond Parks. (Reynolds, Brain) The couple joined the local chapter of the NACCP(National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) and worked quietly for many years to improve the lot of African-Americans in the segregated south. ( Reynolds, Brain) She worked as a secretary for the Montgomery, Alabama branch of the NAACP. (McWilliams, Thelma) She had attended the Highlander Folk School six months before her arrest. McWilliams, Thelma ) On December 1, 1955 in Montgomery, Parks, while she in the sitting black section of bus, she refused to obey a public bus driver's orders to give her seat to a white man and over to the back of the bus to make extra seats for whites. (McWilliams, Thelma ) I know someone had take the step and I made up my mind not to move. (Moncur, Michael) Rosa was tired of being a second-class citizen and stood firmly. (McWilliams, Thelma ) She was arrested, tried and convicted for disorderly conduct and for violating a local ordinance. (McWilliams, Thelma )

Rosa Parks was nationally recognized as the "mother of the modern day civil rights movement" in America. (Parks, Rosa and Steele, Elaine) After the arrest black people of Montgomery and sympathizers of other races organized and promoted a boycott of that city bus that lasted 381 days. (Parks, Rosa and Steele, Elaine) Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was appointed the spokesperson for the Bus Boycott and taught nonviolence to all participants. (Parks, Rosa and Steele, Elaine) Contingent with the protest in Montgomery, others took shape throughout the south and the country. Parks, Rosa and Steele, Elaine) They took form as sit-ins, eat-ins, swim-ins, and similar causes. (Parks, Rosa and Steele, Elaine) Thousands of courageous people joined the “protest” to demand equal rights for all people. (Parks, Rosa and Steele, Elaine) In 1957, Mrs. Parks and her husband moved to Detroit, Michigan where Mrs. Parks served on the staff of U. S. Respresentative John Conyers. (Reynolds, Brain) The Sounthern Christian Leadership Council established an annual Rosa Parks Freedom Award in her honor. Reynolds, Brain) In Febuary, 1987 she co-funded the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institure for Self Development with Ms. Elaire Eason Steele in honor of her husband, Raymond (1903-1977). (Parks, Rosa and Steele, Elaine) The purpose is to motivate and diect youth not targeted by other progams to achieve their highest potential. (Parks, Rosa and Steele, Elaine) The Institure sponors an annual summer progam for teenagers called Pathways to FreedomPark. ( Parks, Rosa and Steele, Elaine) President Clinton presented Rosa Parks with the Presidental Medal of Freedom in 1996 and she also received a Congressional Gold Medal in 1999. Parks, Rosa and Steele, Elaine) "The Rosa Parks Story" was filmed in Montgomery, Alabama May 2001, an aired Febuary 24, 2002 on the CBS television network. (Parks, Rosa and Steele, Elaine)"I have learned over the years that one's mind, this dimishes fear; knowing what must done does away with fear" ,quotes Rosa Parks. (Moncur, Michael) I remember going to sleep as a girl hearing the Klan ride at night and hearing a lynching and being afraid the house would burn down. (Reynolds, Brain)

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