Economics and Large Office Parks

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Dalman and Lei need to recognize what their weaknesses, strengths, opportunities, and threats are if they are going to commit to a large-scale expansion of their business. By doing this it will allow them to focus on the things that need work on, and what can make things that are working better. This will ensure that their business will be successful. The weaknesses are, issues and problems managers might not fully understand. With the economic downfall they are unable to have businesses set up at locations that have been known to be good profitable sites, such as large office parks.

The strength of the business would be that they know and understand how to run a business effectively. They have a well-known establishment with high quality brands that their customers like. With the businesses they already have, there is a constant cash flow to help start new ones. If they make a few ingredients privately owned by Sandwich Blitz it will insure that no one else can duplicate it. Dalman and Lei finding a perfect location to expand their business would be a great opportunity for them. If they could upgrade their current businesses this would be a good opportunity also.

If/ when they build the new business they can make sure that the equipment is up to date. This will allow for more productive and faster service. With more updated equipment it will allow the opportunity to serve more customers. There are many threats that their business will face especially if they expand the business. They could have problems with hiring enough qualified personal. They could choose the wrong location. Having businesses that are offering similar products to Sandwich Blitz that are opening or may be opening if the future.

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