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The Importance of Technology

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The technology has greatly improved our lives by providing many easy services without the interference of any kind physical activity. It improves levels of education and developing world nations to foster economic development. It has made life easier by providing its best and rapid solution across all the organizations such as school, Bank, place of worship, and even the favorite places to shop. Technology makes lives easier than before; nowadays we can communicate with each other from anywhere in the globe. At the same time technology can have a slightly negative influence because it can make us lazy and take things for granted.

Wireless technology and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) infrastructure development is also essential for entrepreneurship and small business development. ” Computer technology has leveled the competitive playing field, allowing home-based businesses to look and act as big as their corporate competitors. Broadband Internet connections, smart phones such as the BlackBerry and the iPhone, and other technologies are so affordable that setting up a business takes a much smaller initial investment than it once did” (Understanding Business, Tenth Edition, P.155) and this part of the article is describes how technology is essential in developing and improving of small businesses.

Technology plays an enormous role in my life in many aspects. Firstly, I am going to mention the role of technology in my school which is Devry University. Honestly, I feel so comfortable with using the internet in all my classes whether onsite or online. Instead of doing my assignments, essays, researches, discussion and answering quizzes or exams in class, I could now do all these stuff online and even the books are electronic which is pretty much awesome. So, using technology in my school will save a lot of money for me as I don’t need to buy books like before. Also, it saves time and effort by doing discussion and answering exams online.

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Technology has made a huge progress in banking and accounting fields. Technology has a major impact on the way banking and financial services are delivered. A wide range of alternative delivery mechanism becomes available, Internet, ATM… these Reduces the dependence on the branch network as a core delivery mechanism. Technology helps me a lot every day in paying my bills online without needing to go to bank; Currently, I have an account at bank of America and I got this info. From their official web site “At your convenience—pay bills and make transfers online from home, the office, wherever you can connect. Transfer money safely and quickly between your own accounts or to your friends and family even if they have accounts at other banks. You can also schedule bills in advance knowing they’ll be paid securely and on time”. So, internet and online banking makes everything clear and easy for me.

Technology is always helps me in shopping. Stores hope to catch customers' attention and improve the buying experience with interactive devices such as holographic store greeters and mirrors that dispense fashion advice. While these technologies may be eye catching, consumers could find them gimmicky. And that’s what exactly happens to me; I found that using the internet is very useful in shopping. I could find any store near me, also I could buy anything online like electronic devices, clothes, watches and even any huge appliance, all these stuff I could pay for it at my home which will save a lot of money, effort and time because it will shipped to me on time.

Technology has a very great effect in communicating people with each other all over the world. Many social media websites had been constructed to help in communicating friends and the community in general. Social media as Facebook, Twitter, youtube, My Space and many others do a great favor to the humanity. The world communicates, as defined by Webster as:

1. To exchange information
2. To convey feeling or thought
3. To understand one another.

And that is in my opinion is how should the communication be? We have to communicate with each other through websites and blogs to exchanges information and of course it will improve and develop the global marketing by ads that being posted every day on these websites.

Technology had helped the small business so far so great. It has freed small businesses from the restrictions of prints ads. It also helped them a lot in the advertising field. Mobile marketing is a relatively new frontier that reaches people through text messaging, E-mails and posting many other things about deals and discounts on their page at any social media websites. Technology has an essential role in manufacturing. Today many manufacturers use intermittent processes. Computers, robots, and flexible manufacturing processes allow firms to turn out custom-made goods almost as fast as mass-produced goods were once produced.(Understanding business, Tenth Edition, P.241). Several major developments have made U.S. companies more competitive: (1) computer-aided design and manufacturing, (2) flexible manufacturing, (3) lean manufacturing, and (4) mass customization.

As it known that everything in our live has a positive aspect and a negative aspect as well. In my opinion the positive aspects of technology is pretty much greater than its negativity. As I mentioned before in my paper that technology can have a slightly negative influence because it can make us lazy and take things for granted. And that is 100% true because we will let internet do everything for us and of course it will effect on relationships between the members of family as they cannot find enough time to meet or talk with each other. But, I think if we could overcome these all problems we could be more successful and more effective in our society.

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