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The Gowanus Creek Canal Superfund Case Study Environmental Sciences Essay

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The Gowanus Creek Canal is a canal in the Brooklyn, NY that was late designated as a Superfund site by the Environmental Protection Agency. To acquire a full apprehension of the complicated nature of this, I will give a full background of the Superfund every bit good as the Gowanus Creek Canal.

What is the Superfund?

Harmonizing to the EPA, `` Superfund is the federal authorities 's plan to clean up the state 's uncontrolled risky waste sites. ''

[ 1 ]

Now the Superfund came approximately as a consequence of Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act of 1980.

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What brought about the Superfund?

This act itself was a merchandise of the assorted dumping sites including the Love Canal and the Times Beach catastrophes. The Love Canal was likely the biggest catastrophe dirt at the clip. The Love Canal was named for William T. Love, who desired to construct a community between upper and lower Niagara River in 1910.

[ 2 ]

It failed for a few grounds and by the 1920 's had become a dumping land for municipal and industrial waste. The waste country was covered with soil, and was sold by the Hooker Chemical Company to the metropolis for $ 1.00.

The metropolis would finally construct over 100 places and 1 school in the country. In 1978, the NY Times ran an article about the chemicals that were being detected in the country. In all 82 compounds were detected in the country ensuing in legion birth defects numbering 22,000 dozenss of toxic waste.

[ 3 ]

In fact, in one household a grandma had 4 grandchildren, two of whom were born with birth defects. One kid had a birth defect being an excess row of dentitions and cleft lip, while another had an oculus defect.

[ 4 ]

In mid 1978 there was an detonation and heavy rain autumn followed. After this detonation, big sum of chemicals began to seep/leek and bubble in the land from all over the Love Canal Community. Citizens developed high white blood cell counts and the metropolis was finally abandoned under province orders. President Jimmy Carter issued an exigency fiscal assistance ( the foremost of its sort outside of a natural catastrophe ) , and finally over 200 households moved and the province purchased the places with about 7 million dollars.

[ 5 ]

This finally led to series of Acts of the Apostless including The Clean Air and Water Acts, the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Pesticide Act, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, the Toxic Substances Control Act ; all of whom are critical in the defence of the wellness of the state.

So how does the Superfund work?

Well the Superfund was developed in the 1980 's as a consequence of the antecedently mentioned Love Canal Disaster. It gave the authorities the power to coerce companies that polluted countries to besides clean up the countries that they polluted. The job with this though was that many companies merely did non hold the money or had gone out of concern.

[ 6 ]

As a consequence of this a revenue enhancement was developed on companies that developed toxic waste and this money was placed into a trust fund. This trust fund was called the Superfund, and was utilized as needed for clean up. The Superfund was funded by three chief beginnings ( 1 ) revenue enhancements on net incomes from crude oil ( oil ) companies, ( 2 ) chemical feedstock revenue enhancement ( a revenue enhancement on 42 potentially risky chemicals ) and ( 3 ) a corporate AMT Tax on net incomes.

[ 7 ]

Other beginnings of support included ( 1 ) U.S. General Treasury, ( 2 ) cost recoveries from defilers, ( 3 ) involvement on the fund, and ( 4 ) punishments.

[ 8 ]

Gas companies were peculiarly angered by the fact that they were forced to pay for 50 % of the revenue enhancement while merely being responsible for 20 % of the contaminated sites.

[ 9 ]

They were besides upset at the fact that many authorities owned countries were major defilers to superfund sites yet were non being taxed at the same rate.

In the twelvemonth 1995, against the wants of President Clinton, the Republican controlled Congress ( reacting to industry ailments ) refused to reauthorize the Superfund Tax ( measure defeated 53-43 ) .

[ 10 ]

This was a alteration in political policy stance by the Republican Party under whom the Superfund Bill was ab initio authorized and passed ( under Republican President Ronald Reagan ) . By 2003, the Superfund was depleted ( from a high of 8.5 billion dollars ) and so President George W. Bush stated that he would non back up a corporate revenue enhancement to further fund the `` Superfund '' .

[ 11 ]

It was stated that much of the Superfund program is wasted on drawn-out judicial proceeding on finding who is responsible for the dearly-won clean up.

[ 12 ]

Current Status of Superfund

Presently, money that has been directed towards the economic stimulation has been used for the Superfund program clean up sites to the melody of $ 600 million dollars.

[ 13 ]

The Superfund was supposed to be used in the instance of companies who might hold potentially damaged countries throughout the state were n't able to pay. Many companies charge that guiltless parties are the 1s who are being held responsible, but you have companies like Vineland ( no longer in concern ) , that pay a superfund revenue enhancement of about $ 3million dollars and are responsible for over $ 120 million dollars in harm.

[ 14 ]

Simply put, if a company goes out of concern should they taxpayers who are genuinely guiltless be forced to pay for the clean up? The statement that all makers should n't be held responsible for the wickednesss of the few is merely go throughing the vaulting horse to the authorities and revenue enhancement remunerators. Industries besides argue that some of the Superfund program sites are the consequence of landfills and storage installations that were used by local authorities and the armed forces.

[ 15 ]

They fail to recognize that the authorities does non separate between private and public entities when it measures those responsible for clean up ; so public entities are besides held responsible for clean up.

The Superfund is a kind of insurance policy ( which the authorities could coerce all chemical and oil companies to take out as a private insurance ) to forestall issues like the Love Canal Tragedy from reoccurring. When companies like Vineland go out of concern and the authorities has an duty to protect the people. As a consequence, the authorities must do step to guarantee clean up whether it is out of taxpayer money or company pooled money. The industry trade association, the American Chemistry Council, steadfastly believes that the Superfund should non be reinstated and all activities related to the Superfund program including killing should come from `` general authorities gross. ''

[ 16 ]

Recently, there has been talk of re-instating the Superfund revenue enhancement

[ 17 ]

At least 30 % of all Superfund program sites are orphaned sites where the authorities can non turn up those companies who damaged the environment or do n't hold the fundss to execute any kind of clean up.

[ 18 ]

New Jersey which leads the state with 114 Superfund program sites

[ 19 ]

, has been a beginning of one of the two measures have been proposed to re-instate the Superfund. Rep. Frank Pallone, D-N.J has introduced a measure, and Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore introduced another measure ( though similar ) to reintroduce the Superfund Tax. Neither of these measures though has made it past the House Committee.

[ 20 ]

In the Senate, New Jersey Congressman Frank Lautenberg attempted to present a similar Superfund measure, but this died in commission.

[ 21 ]

This is being opposed vehemently by the American Chemistry Council, which has retained council to forestall the reenactment of the Superfund program jurisprudence.

[ 22 ]

The recent budged bundle has included more money dedicated towards the EPA for killing, while suggesting revenue enhancements on certain industries.

[ 23 ]

Many industries have brought judicial proceeding every bit high as the US Supreme Court in an attempt to cut down the punishments and costs that might be brought against them for possible clean up.

[ 24 ]

One such instance, brought by Shell Oil Company, and decided 8-1 in favour of the company limits liability or killing from possible damagers whom had limited or minor duty for the pollution.

[ 25 ]

General Electric, the company responsible for much of the pollution in the Hudson River, has brought judicial proceeding disputing the Constitutionality of the Superfund jurisprudence,

[ 26 ]

saying that it does non let defilers the opportunity to dispute the punishments.

[ 27 ]

The recent BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico has besides strengthened the talk of regenerating the Superfund revenue enhancement for a assortment of grounds. This includes the restrictions that exist as a consequence of the Oil Pollution Act, which was passed in 1990 as a consequence of the Exxon Valdez Spill.

[ 28 ]

The restriction puts a cap of $ 75 million dollars for things outside of clean up costs like lost rewards or touristry dollars, but all killing costs are still the duty of the defiler. It is thought that the current killing could ensue in over $ 10 billion dollars in lost economic activity.

[ 29 ]

Gowanus Creek Canal

The Gowanus Creek Canal has been called the `` shortest '' , `` most of import '' , `` busiest '' , but best known as the one of the `` most contaminated '' canals in the state.

[ 30 ]

It would gain the name Lavender Lake for the violet shade ( due to the oil movie that rested on the surface and acrid olfactory properties ) .

In the early 19th century there was an increased demand for addition moorage and navigational infinite in New York City. As a consequence, the Gowanus Creek Canal began as with the mandate by the NY Legislature in 1849, by intensifying and widening the assorted brooks and recesss. It was carved out of tidal wetlands and brook and completed in 1869. It shortly became a busy waterway for a big sum of commercialism

[ 31 ]

and built up in 1881 to suit shippers and industrial users north of the Hamilton Bridge.

[ 32 ]

Standing at 1.8 stat mis the Gowanus Canal was a major finish point for Brownstone based in New Jersey. As a consequence you will see countries around the Canal in Brooklyn ( Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Red Hook and Park Slope ) with a big sum of brownstone houses.

As a consequence of the Canal, there was a immense addition in the edifice of mills, warehouses, tanneries, coal shops, stone/coal paces, pigment, ink flour Millss, soap shapers, cement production, and fabricating gas refineries. In add-on since 1869, the Gowanus Canal has besides served as dumping land for sewerage,

[ 33 ]

industrial sewerage, refineries and chemical workss.

[ 34 ]

It was the site where chemical fertilisers were foremost produced.

[ 35 ]

Gowanus Bay itself was a fabrication centre for ship building and gas storage

[ 36 ]

( which may hold helped take to the increased pollution of the Canal ) . During this period edifice grew at a rate of about 700 per twelvemonth. Each required a sewerage system which finally emptied into the Gowanus Canal.

[ 37 ]

Due to the high degree of industrial pollution, big sum of risky stuff has been stuck at the underside of the country in and around the canal every bit good as significant airborne pollution. In 1890, as a consequence of utmost pollution, the Bond Street Sewer Pipe was constructed to let go of sewerage into NY Harbor ( this finally failed to function it 's purpose ) .

By the terminal of the 19th century to World War I, the canal had over 6 million one-year dozenss of lading produced & A ; trafficked and was as a consequence one of state 's busiest ( and arguably most contaminated ) H2O manner in the state. As a consequence of this big combination of industrial pollution, residential pollution, storm H2O run away and stale H2O a call for a clean up was made. The Canal had to be dredged on a regular basis in order to do it navigable due in big fact to the heavy sewerage that on a regular basis entered the waterway.

[ 38 ]

The metropolis responded by constructing a 12 pes diameter blushing canal to pump some of the sewerage out of the canal ( 1911 ) .

In the 1950 's, with increased changed in transporting engineering, New York experienced a major diminution in their industry. This every bit good as the motion of fabricating off from the New York City country led to the shutting of many mills. Last, the building of the Gowanus Expressway and the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel led to competition for the canal boats for local transportation

[ 39 ]

because of the usage of trucks for transportation.

[ 40 ]

By the 1960 's, the huge bulk of commercial activity was gone. In fact by the 1970 's over 50 % of the belongings at the Gowanus was fresh and derelict

[ 41 ]

. The flushing tunnel that was used to pull out soiled H2O was broken ( by a metropolis worker who by chance

[ 42 ]

dropped a manhole screen into it ) . After this the canal became a dumping topographic point for a figure of topographic points including the Mafia.

With the so called `` Brownstone Revival '' ( during the early 1980 's ) in which many in-between category households left the suburbs to reenter the metropolis, there was a renewed activism to clean up the country.

[ 43 ]

After the find by scientists of typhus, enteric fever and a deadly strain of cholera in the H2O, the Red Hook sewerage intervention works was constructed ( 1989 ) , every bit good as the re-activation of the flushing tunnel and pump station ( 1999 ) .

[ 44 ]

The Red Hook intervention works has had mixed consequences in footings of effectivity ( due in big portion to floods in the system ) . With the re-activation of the flushing tunnel in 1999, the metropolis witnessed the first flow of `` fresh '' H2O from New York Harbor into the Gowanus Canal in 37 old ages.

[ 45 ]

The new pump brings in approximately 200 to 300 million gallons of oxygenated H2O into the canal per twenty-four hours.

[ 46 ]

Current Physical Condition and Possible Solutions

Presently merely one company ( Bayside Fuel ) still uses the canal as a commercial waterway. Therefore every bit long as they are contained farther pollution can be prevented via industrial dumping.

The canal was so contaminated that STD 's ( gonorrhoea in a H2O sample ) have been found in the Canal ( Typhoid and cholera infected the waterway in the 1970s ) .

[ 47 ]

The wellness hazards to country occupants has served a hurt to possible investors in the country, which resulted in the deficiency of residential, commercial and lodging in the country.

[ 48 ]

The H2O quality which has improved greatly over the past few old ages does non widen to the deposit ( which has n't been dredged since 1975 ) which remains extremely contaminated.

[ 49 ]

Dredging itself is no easy undertaking and requires the motion of dirt to a risky containment site.

[ 50 ]

Even with the improved H2O quality, the EPA ( even in a preliminary appraisal ) has found taint along the full length of the canal ( including pesticides, metals and malignant neoplastic disease doing agents ( PCB 's ) ) .

[ 51 ]

Current thoughts of clean up have included hot topographic point clean up of contaminated countries, taint decrease steps, the creative activity of more wetlands, methods to better H2O quality, and the change of the H2O flow by utilizing hydrology to better H2O quality.

[ 52 ]

In add-on it is necessary to clean up the land H2O underneath assorted industrial installations to forestall migration of contaminated dust.

[ 53 ]

The merchandise of the start of the some of the clean up of the canal can be seen with the find of life within the canal including several crustaceans, fish, worms, and Phoxinus phoxinuss ( although the wellness of these animals has yet to be determined ) ,

[ 54 ]

which did non be even two old ages ago.

[ 55 ]


The increased community and quasi political activism including the Gowanus Canal Community Development Corporation ( GCCDC ) , the Gowanus Dredgers and Place in History are opening public cognition of the country. Events such as the Gowanus Earth Day Spring Cleaning, Red Hook Earth and Surf Parade, the Brooklyn Waterfront Bicycle Tour, and the Gowanus Oktoberfest have besides increased public consciousness. Other thoughts have included the creative activity of the Gowanus Canal Revitalization Program which has resulted in the creative activity of the three street end public unfastened infinites ( through the metropoliss Green Street Program ) .

[ 57 ]

In 2002, the US Army Corps of Engineers entered into a joint attempt with the NYC DEP to join forces on a $ 5 million Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study of the Gowanus Canal.

[ 58 ]

This survey was initiated to assist to find the best methods to clean up the canal. New York City through all of it 's attempts did non take into history ( give an exact estimation ) of how much it was responsible for its contributed harm to the Canal. It did though province that it would wish to hold the money that it has besides used for ( 1 ) the feasibleness survey, and ( 2 ) has already committed $ 150 million dollars towards the betterment of the olfactory properties and forestalling sewerage discharges in the country.

[ 59 ]

The EPA has gone on record as stating that this was work was complimentary.

[ 60 ]

They have non though made any kind of statement as to whether or non this would be used to cut down the claim against the metropolis. What we should see though is that the metropolis has in fact profited greatly from the economic activity around the canal including but non limited to assorted revenue enhancements ( including belongings, gross revenues, concern, etc ) .

A new fright though has arisen with the planned move of the New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn and the edifice of the new sphere and next lodging ( Barclay 's Center ) . With the new inflow of population and industry comes in inflow of sewerage ( which is frequently disposed into the canal. This along with rainwater has many times in the yesteryear led to floods of the system.

So who is responsible for clean up?

The EPA has designated nine parties as those who are responsible for the clean up of the country including New York City, the US NAVY, Con-Ed, and six other private companies.

[ 61 ]

There is besides probes on the manner for 20 other companies in the yesteryear who might hold polluted every bit good.

[ 62 ]

New York City itself was responsible for holding an asphalt mill every bit good as an incinerator which contributed to pollution in the country.

[ 63 ]

Political Climate in New York Concerning Superfund Status

The Gowanus Canal had one of the worse pollution seen by the EPA in every bit many old ages. Walter Mugdan, regional EPA Superfund Director, was quoted as stating `` Where we usually in Superfund sites may mensurate risky contaminations in parts per million or even parts per billion, in the Gowanus Canal, we 're mensurating them in parts per hundred. ''

[ 64 ]

The `` sludge '' that was taken from the site was so acerb that it ate right through the heavy responsibility plastic that was used to incorporate it over the class of a weekend.

[ 65 ]

Now the Gowanus Canal is n't the first country in New York City to be declared a Superfund site. In fact, 197 stat mis of the Hudson River, runing from the Hudson Falls to the Southern Tip of Manhattan, was declared a Superfund site over 25 old ages ago.

[ 66 ]

New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, admits that the Gowanus Canal needs to be cleaned. He is though against the Gowanus Canal being labeled a Superfund site fearing that it could ( 1 ) flicker of judicial proceeding that could detain clean up, ( 2 ) frighten away developers in an country that the metropolis wanted to rezone for commercial and residential usage.

[ 67 ]

The thought of making a `` Venice of Brooklyn, ''

[ 68 ]

seems to be a spot far fetched but the thought of one would in fact conveying a possible existent estate roar to the country. The EPA counters that the `` a smelly, foul and unhealthy waterway ''

[ 69 ]

could be more of a hindrance to developers in the country. What the metropolis did n't see is that Bankss consider the environmental conditions of belongingss prior to financing them. It is unfastened and public cognition that the Gowanus Canal is a contaminated country. So the appellation of a Superfund program listing will make a stigma is weakened.

[ 70 ]

Litigation is surely a possibility. Many companies merely do n't be any more, and at that place have been a figure of instances where companies have tried to detain or even dispute the monetary value ticket of clean up. GE 's current two measure escape path ( one jurisprudence suit with two statements ) via judicial proceeding is a primary illustration of a current company that is seeking to avoid paying or earnestly cut down paying in a local country.

[ 71 ]

In the yesteryear, some of the wellness hazards have served as hurt to the edifice of residential, commercial and lodging

[ 72 ]

, but by rezoning this may be challenged. This fear though may be ameliorated by the fact that some past Superfund sites in the New York City metro country have become premier illustrations of great development including Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, NY.

[ 73 ]

Michael Bloomberg states that his alternate clean-up method could take every bit small as 9.5 old ages at a cost of approximately $ 300 million dollars. The EPA countered that the killing and support is based on funding from the Federal Government which may non of all time come ( since the federal financess would necessitate congressional blessing

[ 74 ]

) .

[ 75 ]

The EPA counters that its program will take away from federal funding and ensures that the `` defiler wages '' rule is applied ( since the metropolis has no power to force defilers to pay and itself a defiler ) .

[ 76 ]

The EPA provinces that clean up should be between 300 and 500 million dollars and take between 10 to 12 old ages.

[ 77 ]

The City does hold one strong advantage in footings of velocity of the undertaking. The metropolis would get down clean up of the Canal get downing November of 2010 and entire completion would be by 2020.

[ 78 ]

The EPA 's program would affect the usage of a plan/strategy, which would be completed by 2014, and the clean up would take 10 to 12 old ages from that point. This would ensue in a clean up completion day of the month of 2026.

What the metropolis might genuinely be in fright of is the possibility of the Gowanus Canal turning into another Love Canal Tragedy ( which took about 25 old ages to clean up ) .

[ 79 ]

With a hodgepodge of resources ( the metropolis would come in into an understanding with 10-12 companies and depend on metropolis & A ; province taxpayer dollars and federal appropriations

[ 80 ]

) every bit good at New York State itself back uping the Superfund appellation ( believing that it could non back up to clean up the canal by itself ) the metropolis faced another blow to an already weak place.

[ 81 ]

Ultimately, the EPA designated the Gowanus Canal a Superfund program site. With this appellation some of the proposed development such as the upwards of 477 condo and townhouses were instantly placed on clasp.

[ 82 ]

The undertaking proprietor stated that with the Superfund program appellation it would be impossible to acquire funding for the undertaking.

[ 83 ]

Second, the selling of existent estate units to a Superfund program site which is synonymous to some people to a barren is virtually impossible.

[ 84 ]

Third, the trouble in obtaining insurance can be a immense factor in the building in the country.

[ 85 ]

They besides argued with uncertainness on how long it may take to clean up the country valuable time/money resources could be wasted.

[ 86 ]

Gowanus Green, which has planned to construct over 774 more lodging in the country plans to go on with its undertaking. It should be noted that Gowanus Green is to a great extent financed by New York City.

[ 87 ]

In entire until the Superfund program appellation was to look the planned extra lodging was to be around 1400 houses ; although with clean up it is estimated it could lift to 3000 extra lodging in entire.

[ 88 ]

With such big extra lodging though we must see if the substructure can back up this. Are at that place adequate H2O, sewerage, parking, and educational installations available to back up such an extra population? Merely because the country can be cleaned and there is adequate infinite to construct a population does non needfully intend the substructure can to the full back up this.

In add-on there are other considerations that must be taken into history. These considerations include wellness attention costs and possible judicial proceeding if ( 1 ) an unknown agent is deemed to be a cause of a possible hereafter wellness hazard, and ( 2 ) if judicial proceeding occurs that could forestall the EPA from traveling frontward at a alert gait. Concerns of implosion therapy ( which is what happened at the Love Canal and is a existent possibility sing the past events of deluging ) and oozing into occupants back paces is a strong concern. The bead in belongings value and the loss or possible occupations could ensue in the loss of 1000000s of dollars. There is the alternate point of view that the importance of the clean up should supplant any belongings value loss or occupation loss.

[ 89 ]

This though may be a beginning of judicial proceeding that may decelerate the undertaking of the clean up down well.

In other Superfund program sites, judicial proceeding has slowed advancement of Superfund program clean up ( as in the town of Libby, Minnesota ) .

[ 90 ]

Surveies have farther shown that there does be decreased belongings value listings following a Superfund program listing, but after clean up belongings value does increase ( many times to flush higher degrees that it had originally been ) .

[ 91 ]

Beginning NYS Dept of Health

[ 92 ]

Beginning NYS Dept of Health

[ 93 ]

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