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The Future of Food

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THE FUTURE OF FOOD You might think you know everything about the foods that you eat or place on the plates for your family, but you have no idea. The Future of Food is a documentary that reveals appalling or should I say shocking information regarding our crops that are grown in the U. S. today and how big corporations are taking over and altering the foods that we eat through science, all because of corporate greed.

What’s even more terrifying is that majority of consumers have no clue that genetically modified foods are everywhere including the shelves at their local grocery stores. These big biotech agricultural companies are genetically modifying our foods with dangerous pesticides, viruses and foreign DNA, not knowing or really caring about what effects this will have towards the consumers and our ecosystems in the future. Well if you thought that was bad news let me just say that’s only the tip of the iceberg and also to let you guys know that what’s worse is there is no laws in the U.

S. that requires these companies to label the GMO foods. What these large companies do is go and patent every seed they can claim, not just in the U. S. but the entire world, basically stealing the creations of nature and claiming them to be their own, a process known as “biopiracy. ” We all thought we were safe because that’s what the USDA, EPA and FDA are here for, to protect us and make sure that our foods that we ingest are safe, harmless and not contaminated.

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The Future of Food

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I’m sorry to say that the same people who run the USDA, EPA, and FDA are the same most powerful leaders of these big agricultural companies. This documentary was such an eye-opener to what is going on with our food supply industry. After watching this film I was so sickened on what our country has become. I mean to be apart of these big biotech agricultural companies, you must be really demonic, no heart and especially no conscience at all. How do these people at the top just keep doing what they’re doing treating the masses like lab rats?

I love science and how its contributed so much to our world, but people who take advantage of it such as these large corporations have really taken it to the next level. These biotech agricultural companies are claiming to come to a rescue with a new breed of genetically modified crops that can produce more food for the world, but news flash last I heard was that there are still millions of people out there starving with no food availability.

In the documentary they stated that the, “FDA continues to insist that the U. S. public has no right to know which foods are genetically modified because it might confuse them. ” Wow, do I feel insulted as a fellow American. I mean is that what our society has become? Practically everyone in the world including Europeans and Canadians have actually banned any type of genetically modified exports from the U. S. but we are still on this GMO food ban wagon or we’re just really naive people who have no clue what is going on with our world. As of today, I still can’t believe our own people at the top of our society would exploit their own fellow Americans, but thanks to this documentary for making me aware and educating me as a consumer about these GMO foods. I would definitely recommend this documentary to everyone and maybe the more people that become aware the faster we can ban these genetically modified crops in our food supply.

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