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The Efficiency of E-Marketing

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E-marketing is a valuable tool for companies in today’s digital age. Majority of the people, who acquire information, turn to the Internet to access news faster and more efficiently. E-marketing is now at the heart of e-business, getting close and understanding customers better adding value to products, widening the distribution channels and boosting sales , as well as after sales services (Smith and Chaffey 12). However, the efficiency of e-marketing is only evident if the proper strategy and action is taken. Here are several examples of e-marketing and the effectiveness of their strategies used.

A Press Release By Saber Consultancy Giving out a press release and allowing certain media to publish it online is an effective e-marketing strategy. In this case, Saber Consultancy, a business and marketing consultant firm, announced the launching of its new business program called XtendedARM through a press release, and it has been published in Daily News Egypt. Saber Consultancy is a firm that gives first-class market analysis, as well as market research service, allowing companies to move their organizations forward by maximizing strategic planning (Saber Consultancy 3).

Its service XtendedARM is a total solution based on an outsourcing concept (Daily News Egypt 1). This program caters to businessmen who owns either medium or large business and is in need of two of the most desired services. According to the CEO of Saber Consultancy, Ahmed Saber, the XtendedARM program allows the businesses to outsource two core services, Strategic Marketing and Content Development, giving a cost effective solution with best investment returns (Daily News Egypt 3).

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Press releases are a traditional marketing tool, both for print and online media. Because of their easy accessibility, though, online press releases seem to deliver news faster and more effectively. Press releases, like that of XtendedARM, has also been edited and shortened, so it contains the gist of the story without boring the reader. The content is tailored for each third-party site, and edited by professional media people (E-marketing strategies 14). The New York Times’ Microsoft Windows 7 Product Review

Using an online review is another good e-marketing tactic. The New York Times online has released an article that gives a brief review about the soon-to-be-launched Windows 7 by Microsoft. According to the review, Microsoft said that its new revamped operating system will work fine with its current line of accessory hardware, and has included software tweaks that are accessible with the hardware (Williams 2). Windows 7 will be available on October 22, 2009, for eager Microsoft users. Read about online enrollment system proposal

The review mentions some new features users will find likable, such as the Taskbar Favorites, which allow keyboard users a smart way to access the most frequently used documents and programs (Williams 4). Since it’s written by a third person, this Windows 7 product review gives great marketing benefit. Many people trust another person’s view compared to when it’s the marketer who speaks for their own product (Linzmeier 2). The angle allows the company to sell the product at a better rate.

Another benefit is that you can compare and contrast with other products in the market, helpful for online shoppers who are looking for the best deal. Another great feature of this product review is that it contains a link that lets the user access the product, something that traditional marketing strategies rarely give.

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