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Tesco mission statement

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How do Tesco aims and objectives blend together?

For any business that wishes to be successful such as Tesco their aims and objectives have to blend together. Tesco's aims have to be short time period aims which help them reach their main objectives. This ensures that the whole Tesco network is coming together in the right guidelines, and that everyone in the business is working together to ensure that Tesco is a massive success.

Tesco aims and objectives are emerging together the reality speak for it self. Tesco have the leading market share, which stands at 30.4%, out of all the supermarkets in Britain. Britain has seen the record breaking profits, of Tesco for the last two years. Tesco profits are time after time reaching the �2 billion mark. Sources are showing that Tesco is the leading supermarket in Britain, and their aims and objectives show that they want to stay at the top for an extended time to come.

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Why are Customers so valuable to Tesco? Tesco have to keep the public happy and fulfilled or else they would not have such towering takings, and at such a high market share. Tesco always make sure that they keep their customers satisfied because this way they keep hold of many customers, and also gain more of the public for their future needs. Tesco also provide customers with low prices, the UK population is known for its bargain hunting. By selling objects at a low cost Tesco's are gaining more customers and more profit.

Tesco are a 24 hour service which helps them to get on with their duties, as well as the customers because in the late evening there aren't many customers, and that's when Tesco find an opportunity to stack and fill up their shelves. In my views, I think that this is well-situated for customers because sometimes they run out of substances that they may need at a particular time, and if Tesco are not opened, then customers will be dissatisfied but now Tesco's new and improved 24 hour services, allow them to purchase material whenever.

Customers: One of Tesco's individual objectives is to preserve the constancy of their customers. The company will achieve this by submitting the public with better deals then any other major supermarkets. They offer possessions like loyalty card; Tesco is open 24 hours day also by internet shopping. The customers are the key to there success. Having more customers accesses more profit to be made.

Tesco's loyalty cards helps the stores keep hold of their clients as the card automatically shows what is most popular with their customers. You can get points for your club card by spending money in the Tesco stores. Tesco rewards you when you spend more and more money in there store by giving you vouchers for the preferred objects you buy. The card shows, what is being brought on a regular basis with each customer.

Tesco have the advantage of being able be open 24 hours a day this helps attract customers that have a busy working life. There open all day so they can supply up during the night. Also there collection vans come into the store to stock up during the night as they are not allowed to during the peak times of the day. This helps people who come to Tesco on there way home and do there weekly shopping. Food is an essential and is a consumer product. They give a extensive range of products and are well market orientated stocking, every type of creation all shapes and sizes.

They launched the website for internet shopping; this benefits the public who are unable to come in to Tesco stores. They invested the shareholders money into internet shopping. The company knew from there market research that 91% of the U.K population have access to the internet at home. This is a simple and dependable way of shopping but charges �5 for deliveries. They ensure you will get your shopping within the next 24 hours. This has made life easier for the elderly, sick and people who disown a car. The internet shopping option helps hold on to customer devotion. I think Tesco should not charge for there deliveries for the reason that they have made such a big profit of 2.2 billion pound. That just shows that Tesco are being greedy and desire more money. Also I think Tesco should stay open 24 hours a day so they don't cause large traffic jams during the peak times of the day.

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